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A Guide to Concealer Application

Concealer is key to removing under eye circles, blemishes or hiding pimples. To ensure you're applying concealer the right way, read on.

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Concealer is a classic staple in every makeup kit, coming to the rescue of skin issues such as tired eyes and blemishes. As with all products, there is a best practice method to the application of concealer. In fact, the way you apply your concealer can impact on your overall look and how effective the product works for you. Discover the do’s and don'ts of concealer use below.

How to Choose the Right Shade of Concealer for your Skin

The first point in using concealer effectively is ensuring that you’ve picked the right type for your skin. Similar to foundation, you should pick a concealer that works best for the task at hand whilst mimicking your skin’s undertone. For example, concealer for under eye bags may differ from one that covers blemishes.

If you’re trying to cover dark eye circles, then opting for a peach undertone will help in cancelling out the common blue colour under the eye. Concealers with hints of green work best for hiding red spots caused by acne or blemishes. If you’re not sure about what undertone you may have, try applying a touch of concealer on your wrist in natural light to determine the best shade for you.

As well as the shade, determining the type of concealer is also key to achieving the best outcome.

Lightweight & Hydrating Concealers

Liquid concealers are generally extremely lightweight and hydrating. As such, this type of concealer is best for those who want a barely there look. On the plus-side, this type of concealer suits all skin types, however the lightweight formula may mean that coverage isn’t as long lasting as other types of heavier concealer.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, hydrating concealer, Lancôme’s Teint Idole Ultra Wear All Over Concealer provides creamy natural coverage and works to combat dark circles and blemishes whilst using a hydrating botanical complex. The Teint Idole Concealer is designed to be breathable, meaning less clogged skin and 24 hr wear and comfort.

For those who wish to minimise the amount of products in their makeup routine, the Teint Visionnaire Correcting Foundation acts as a 2-in-1. This product is both a high coverage corrector and perfecting foundation, providing a sheer coverage for the face.

Full Coverage & Long Lasting Concealers

Longer-lasting coverage can often be found in stick or cream based concealers. These products are generally thicker, and can work to target more severe issues and discolouration. Full coverage doesn’t necessarily equate to drying, with many full coverage concealers often containing hydrating properties, too.

The Lancôme Effacernes Long Lasting Concealer comes in a range of tones, and works to reduce the appearance of imperfections to create a more even skin tone. It can help fight issues such as sallowness, redness, or dark under eyes. In addition, this durable formula won’t cake or crease throughout the day, and will hold for hours.

How to Apply Concealer Correctly Under the Eyes

Maximize your eyes using volumizing mascara

After choosing the correct type of concealer and matching it to your skin undertone, it’s time to correctly apply it as part of your wider makeup routine.

Step 1: Prepare your Skin

Before using concealer, you must first prepare your skin. This can be done by applying a moisturiser or primer. Contrary to popular belief, beauty experts also suggest applying foundation before your concealer. This is because you risk removing your concealer when sweeping or brushing on foundation. Applying foundation first also provides a base for the concealer to be easily blended into.

Step 2: Applying Under the Eyes

Once your base has been applied, it’s time to add concealer. Apply small dots of your chosen concealer around your under eye, also dabbing in the inner corner of your eye. Blend in either with your fingers or a brush. Avoid smearing or dragging as this may lead to caking. Seal in your concealer with fine loose powder to set.

How to Apply Concealer on your T-Zone

If you suffer from an oily T-zone, consider using concealer on top of your foundation or mattifying primer, and setting it with powder to help to reduce oil throughout the day. After applying your base, choose a concealer that is a few shades lighter than your skin. This can help to brighten and highlight oily areas without shine.

How to Apply Concealer to Hide Pimples

Concealer with green tones works to offset any red colourations that irritated spots may have. This is because green shade variants work to neutralise redness for light to medium skin tones.

After applying your foundation base, dab a very small amount of concealer onto the spot in question. If you are using your hands, ensure that they have been washed and sanitised to prevent bacteria from the spot from spreading. Once you have applied the green hue concealer, place a thin layer of another concealer that matches your skin tone over the top, and blend.

Applying Concealer in your Makeup Routine

As well as working to hide dark circles, spots, and reduce shine on oily T -zones, concealer can also be used for various other purposes during your make-up routine. For example:

● As a highlighter: Using a stick concealer two shades lighter than your skin tone, apply small lines on the areas of your face you wish to draw attention to, for example the cheekbones.

● To accentuate the lips: Using a fine brush, trace concealer around the outer edge of your lips. This reverse lining technique makes lips appear fuller.

● As an eyeshadow primer: Placing a small amount of concealer on the eye area prior to the application of eyeshadow can assist in ensuring your eyeshadow remains on throughout the day.

Now that you understand how to correctly apply concealer during your makeup routine, it’s time to discover more about foundation. Learn about the best liquid foundation available, and how to keep it fresh throughout the day.



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