Six Reasons Advanced Génifique Wrinkle Serum Works for All Women

We all have unique skin needs, but there is one anti-wrinkle serum out there that can benefit almost every single complexion: Advanced Génifique by Lancôme.
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Skincare is a personal thing and sometimes requires trial and error before you settle into the perfect routine. Why? Everyone’s skin is unique. Sure, you might try to get away with copying your best friend’s face care routine, but there’s a chance that her skincare products will not be right for your skin. That being said, there is one, Lancôme anti-wrinkle serum that is recommended for almost every skin type. It comes in a black bottle, the name begins with a “G,” and one bottle is sold every ten seconds. Cue Lancôme’s new anti-aging face serum Advanced Génifique. With the new formula from skin microbiome science this face serum improves your skins natural barrier and surface with pre and probiotic fractions in every drop.

Still haven’t tried the product that’s won over women around the world? Keep reading to learn why you should add this beloved anti-wrinkle serum to your skin care routine.

The probiotic fractions in Advanced Génifique benefit all skin types

Different strains of probiotics have different effects on our skin and health, which has inspired Lancôme to use probiotic fractions in its famous face serum Advanced Génifique. Our skin is constantly exposed to changes which can weaken the surface. Enriched with pre and probiotic fractions, the anti-wrinkle serum Advanced Génifique helps to strengthen your skin and increase overall moisture.

The texture works with every skincare routine

The anti-wrinkle serum, Advanced Génifique, is light and soft in texture. Once applied, it quickly melts into the skin, yet it’s dewy enough for an at-home face massage. So, whether you have a 30-minute skincare routine or a 30-second one, the hydrating serum Advanced Génifique fits right in.

Always apply Advanced Génifique on clean dry skin, and then follow with any additional face serum and your go-to moisturiser (plus SPF during the day).

Its self-loading dropper takes out the guesswork

It can be tricky figuring out exactly how much of a skincare product you need to use. Do you go with half a dropper full? A few drops? Two droppers? Too much feels wasteful and can make your skin feel sticky, whereas not enough of this skincare product means your skin won’t see all of the benefits. Advanced Génifique has a self-loading pipette that distributes the perfect amount of the anti-wrinkle serum to cover your face and neck—the equivalent of seven drops.

It’s been tested on all different skin tones and types

The anti-aging serum Advanced Génifique has been tested on women with all different skin types. It’s been proven to work on each type, from combination to sensitive skin.

You will notice benefits in just one week…

With the new formula from microbiome science, the anti-wrinkle serum Advanced Génifique helps the skin look younger and more luminous in as little as seven days.* How’s that for instant gratification?

* Clinical study & self-assessments on 34 women

…And they just keep getting better from there

A 12-month study that tracked women who applied the face serum twice a day showed continued improvement in radiance, smoothness, fine line visibility, and texture over the course of the year. No wonder your first bottle is never the last…


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