Your season focus: a carefree upper lash look

Learn one of Lancôme’s best spring makeup trends & learn how to create a carefree upper lash look straight from the runaway with Grandiôse volumizing mascara.
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If the arrival of spring has brought a welcome breath of fresh air to our lives, it has also infused makeup trends with a hint of carefree, cool tones.

To hit refresh on your eye makeup routine, why not go for a liberating new look by focusing on upper lashes, applying several coats of Grandiôse volumizing mascara to top lashes without so much as even touching lower ones?

The result? On-trend spring style that not only borrows from the runways, but works to minimize the look of under-eye circles giving the face an entirely youthful appeal.

Grandiôse, Lancôme.

© Nicolas Valois

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