Caroline’s Buenos Aires address book

Caroline’s Buenos Aires address book. Discover her hotspots.

Why Buenos Aires? “I went there for three days for a fashion shoot, which made for a short yet very intense little visit. The best thing was that I was surrounded by people who knew some of the best spots in the city. As a result I fell completely in love with the place and I’d like to bring my family back. Everything from the friendly people, to the beautiful neighbourhoods I visited completely seduced me. I really felt at home as if I’d been visiting forever.”

1 A market - San Telmo Market. “It’s a typical Sunday market, but where you’ll find an incredible mix of products all set up one next to another. It’s the only place in the world I’ve seen a record seller, butcher and fur dealer all share the same stall. It’s unique and full of charm!”

2 A vintage boutique - GIL Antiguedades, Humberto 1o 412 San Telmo next to the market.As the vintage go-to in town, you’ll find everything, right from beautiful old pieces from the 1920s. I loved wandering around, it’s quiet and the clothes are carefully curated. Ask the slightly grumpy owner if you can head down to the basement and you’ll find a huge selection of dresses, capes and vintage jackets.”

3 A spa - Spa Park Hyatt, Palacio Duhau - Park Hyatt Buenos Aires, Avenida Alvear 1661. “Because I came for a photo shoot, post airplane, I decided to try out the spa’s cleansing face mask. The entire environment is splendid with an amazing pool that makes for the perfect place to relax and recharge.”

4 A bar - La Catedral Club, Sarmiento 4006. “There’s nothing better for feeling part of this town than heading to enjoy a drink and dance the night away to Tango at Catedral. This amazing place from 1880 seems to be stuck in time and makes you forget everything, it’s magical!”

5 A restaurant - Restaurant Basa, Basavilbaso 1328 | between Av. del Libertador and Juncal CABA. “Because I only spent 3 days in Buenos Aires I wanted to taste real Argentinian wine and meat. I found this highly rated spot, it’s where fashionable Buenos Aires residents go to chat and enjoy incredible wine and meat.”

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