10 Reasons Why Volume Mascara is a Make-Up Must-Have

Volume mascara is one of women's favorite beauty tools: did you know that 70% of us use mascara five days a week on average(1)? One third of us even wear it every day. And what do we want from our lashes to make us feel confident and beautiful? Fullness, length and curve. Volume mascara is our make-up ally!
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Why is volume mascara an essential for our make-up bag?

Our top reasons why volume mascara is every woman's top tool for fantastic lashes.

Eyes Wide Open

Long and thick lashes give the appearance of bigger, more wide-awake eyes, like an instant brightener.

You're Framed!

Coating your upper and lower lashes in volume mascara gives a "photo frame" effect, drawing attention towards the eyes.

The Dark Side

Dark colors make our own eye color stand out more. Why? Because of the tonal contrast it creates. Not only does it make the whites of your eyes look brighter and clearer, but it also highlights the color of your eyes, even more so if you have naturally light-colored eyes. This is why Lancôme's Monsieur Big mascara contains intense black pigment to truly showcase your eyes.

Stand out from the crowd

Volume mascara is ideal to accompany a bold statement make-up look, for example a bright eye shadow or glittery eyeliner. Full, voluminous lashes hold their own against even the most daring make-up looks.

Different Techniques

Applying volume mascara only to the top lashes can give a completely different look to if you also apply a small amount over the lower lashes. Not too much, though, you don't want a spidery effect.

Different Brushes

Long and defined or thick and bold, volume can be achieved in different ways, and the brush is how you do it! Smaller brushes like that of Hypnôse make it easier to get at each lash, while big brushes like Grandiôse Extrême are ideal for instant dimension.

Choose your Volume

Volume mascaras like Hypnôse allow you to gradually build up the volume according to your preferences, for a custom look.

One Coat and Out the Door

With mascaras such as Grandiôse Extrême, you only need to coat the lashes once for maximum volume.

Wet Yet Wonderful

Waterproof volume mascara means that, even in the pool or gym, lashes can be long and thick. Lancôme has a variety of waterproof volume mascaras that provide intense volume, such as Hypnôse Drama Waterproof.

No Hassle Removal

With a make-up remover such as Bi-Facil (or Effacil for particularly sensitive eyes), volume mascara can be removed in a single sweep. Stress free! We're convinced, volume mascara is a make-up must-have. But we want more! Mirror, mirror, on the wall...Is it possible to get even more intensity and fullness from our eyelashes?
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Is it possible to get even fuller lashes?

“French beauty secrets revealed!”

Ever wondered how French women are known for their voluminous, clump-free eyelashes? Here's how they do it!

Prime your lashes

Just like with make-up, you can apply a primer before your mascara to boost the volume. Lancôme's Cils Booster XL is a vitamin-infused mascara primer that smoothes and coats your lashes to increase the effects of your mascara. The conditioning formula with its micro-fibers and Vitamin E adds extra length and thickness to your lashes, for visibly more voluminous results.

Pre-curl your lashes

Give your lashes a helping hand in their quest for volume by curling them using an eyelash curler. Ensure the curler isn't too cold when you apply it to the lashes by warming it in your hands, or even in your mouth, for a minute. Apply pressure slowly and not too hard, otherwise you risk causing damage to your lashes. You want them to have a slight curve, not bent in half.

Use the right application technique

The right technique will ensure you get the most out of your volume mascara. Take the mascara wand and hold it along the roots of your upper lashes. Next, in gentle but firm zigzagging movements, slide the brush up the lashes to the tip.

If you want even more volume, apply a second coat using the same movements. We recommend two to three coats maximum. Any more than that and you risk clumps forming, and the result looking unnaturally heavy.

What's the best way to remove volume mascara?

Just because volume mascara gives you fabulous full lashes, doesn't mean you have to struggle to take it off. The double-action eye make-up remover Bi-Facil gently removes all mascara, even waterproof. Simply apply some of the cleanser to a cotton pad, and softly hold down onto the eye. After a few seconds, allowing the cleanser to penetrate the lashes, wipe the pad away towards the outer side of your face. For those with sensitive skin around the eye areas, try Effacil , an even more gentle make-up remover.

Feel confident that your go-to favorite make-up tool, volume mascara, will give you the full, beautiful lashes you deserve!

Source (1) Consumer & Market Intelligence. 2012 Cosmetics Category Incidence Check - Mascara Category.

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