Articles Test : Best water resistant mascaras you can wear all-year-round

While the first water resistant mascara came out back in 1938, we've come a long way since then!

Bye bye dark smudges and full-on panda eyes, t that dhese days we're after 24h perfect lashes using the best in water resistant mascara, whatever the season and whatever the activity: be it swimming, dancing or even - gulp - our best friend's wedding.

Make-up for the modern woman

As modern women we have high expectations for our make-up, and water resistant mascara is no longer a piece of our beauty kit brought out simply once a year for summer vacation at the beach. Today's woman drives herself to always live at 100%, and she's busy all-year-round: the epitome of the chic Parisian woman. Whether you're a social butterfly or the sporty type (or both), there's no reason not to look flawless whatever the occasion.

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Waterproof mascara: essential for every season

Get the most out of your waterproof mascara

Today's woman likes to be prepared for anything

Do and Don't rules test

DO Use the right remover

Using the right product to take your make-up off (every night, without fail!) is key to keeping your lashes healthy. Try Bi-Facil for an easy, all in one remover that takes the hassle out of the routine.

DON'T Forget the base

Treat your lashes kindly and apply a first layer of Cils Booster XL base, it helps protect the lashes and will enhance the mascara too.

DO Apply only 3 coats

Sometimes less is more. If you want to go for a smooth look, don’t overdo it with the coats. With the right lengthening mascara, 3 coats will do

DON'T Curl too late

Curling your lashes after applying mascara is a big ‘No No’. For best results warm the curler prior, and curl lashes when they are make-up free.

DO Use eyeliner to refresh

“Think your lashes need to be refreshed during the day? Use liner to ‘color in’, rather than mascara. It really works!” says German Moyano, Lancôme make-up artist.

Could it be that there is such a thing as too much choice when it comes to finding the right lengthening mascara? Not with our one line product guide!
German Moyano

PART 1: Prime of your life: how to get those lashes mascara-ready for your lengthening mascara

Keep it clean

Keep it clean

The first tip to obtain longer looking lashes is to start on a healthy base. You’ll need clean lashes to apply on. Any traces of yesterday’s mascara will only cause lumps and clumps and hinder the process.

Ace the base

Ace the base

For the best results, applying a bottom coat of keratin rich Cils Booster XL will wrap and protect the lashes, and give a good base for the mascara to cling onto. With a simple sweep, the Vitamin E and D-Panthénol rich conditioning formula will add extra length and thickness to lashes and enhance your lengthening mascara’s performance.

Curl it

Curl it

A lot of women recoil at the idea of using an eye-lash curler. They do look a little mean… The trick? Use them before you apply any make-up and warm them before using. You can just pop them in your mouth for a few seconds to get them a little warmer. Curlier lashes give the impression of length and thus open up those eyes.

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Start below

Start with the lower lashes first. By applying your lengthening mascara to the lower lash first, you’ll avoid accidentally mascara onto your upper lids when you blink and its tricky removal.

One by one

For best results, work on one eye, then the next. If you apply one coat on one, then work on the other eye, the lengthening mascara will have dried which might cause clumping.

Use the zig zag moves

One of the biggest challenges is to coat all lashes equally. By applying your mascara in a zig-zagging motion from the bottom of the lash upwards, you’ll spread the it more evenly, getting a better distribution.
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Take care: cleanse and remove for healthy lashes

Lashes are ultra fragile, so be gentle. Opt for a remover that can magic away the lengthening mascara without any rubbing. Lancôme’s Bi-Facil is the remover of choice for the pros. The bi-phase formula (oil phase and micellar water) works miracles on mascara, even waterproof.
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Be generous

Imbibe your cotton with Bi-Facil so there’s no risk of dry cotton irritations, and keep the pads on the lashes for 20 seconds to give them a good soak.
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Be logical

Always follow your lashes' direction when wiping (gently!) and take care and take your time! Any energetic wiping in the wrong direction could cause you to loose a few precious lashes.
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