Best water resistant mascaras you can wear all-year-round

While the first water resistant mascara came out back in 1938, we've come a long way since then! Bye bye dark smudges and full-on panda eyes, t that dhese days we're after 24h perfect lashes using the best in water resistant mascara, whatever the season and whatever the activity: be it swimming, dancing or even - gulp - our best friend's wedding...
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Make-up for the modern woman

As modern women we have high expectations for our make-up, and water resistant mascara is no longer a piece of our beauty kit brought out simply once a year for summer vacation at the beach. Today's woman drives herself to always live at 100%, and she's busy all-year-round: the epitome of the chic Parisian woman. Whether you're a social butterfly or the sporty type (or both), there's no reason not to look flawless whatever the occasion.

“Today's woman likes to be prepared for anything.”

Forget water resistant mascara as summer-only makeup, here are four reasons why it should be in your beauty bag all-year-round:

Get the most out of your waterproof mascara

Spring: exercise aficionados

After a season of parties, delicious holiday food and the kind of weather that doesn't encourage you to go for a run, spring is when many of us jump into action and hit those exercise routines with vigor. And with sport comes a serious risk of your mascara trying to make a run for it as well. Your best bet is a waterproof mascara you can rely on, leaving you to focus on those squats.

Summer: festivals and fun in the sun!

Beach vacay, barbecues by the pool and music festivals are what comes to mind when we think of the summer months. It's a busy time of year, spent mostly outdoors where you don't always have the time or opportunity to check in the mirror to see if your mascara's smudged. Don't take the risk: resist with waterproof.

Autumn: expect the unexpected

Fall is a brutal season than can see glorious golden days suddenly turn into torrential thunderstorms. As well as ensuring you've packed your sunscreen and umbrella, make sure you start the day with water resistant mascara so you can be ready for whatever the elements throw at you.

Winter: party season

As the days become shorter, party nights become longer! To see you through office drinks parties, long and loud dinners with friends, and the occasional foray onto the dance floor, your mascara needs to be ready to face all challenges, from sweat to wiping your eyes and crying with laughter. Our answer? Waterproof.
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When we talk about opting for a waterproof, or water resistant, mascara, it doesn't just stop there. Choosing the right waterproof mascara is essential in order to achieve your ideal look. At Lancôme, for example, we have a range of waterproof mascaras, each designed to create a different and unique look.

The classic Hypnôse Waterproof mascara remains the ultimate waterproof mascara for building customizable volume, leaving the control in your hands. The exclusive formula wraps each lash in an even and smooth coat of product that is long-lasting and water-resistant.

For extreme volume whether you're in the pool or at a pilates class, Hypnôse Doll Eyes Waterproof mascara provides instant volume in just one coat, thanks partly to its s-shaped brush, which allows the bristles to cover every single lash in a single sweep.

Ladies who love that doll-like, doe-eyed flutter all-year-long will love Hypnôse Doll Eyes Waterproof mascara teases the lashes upwards and outwards, while separating them, for a flirtatious and wide-eyed look that holds its intensity regardless of the weather.

Just because you can have faith that your mascara isn't going to make a surprise bid for freedom doesn't mean that removing it is going to be any harder than with a regular mascara. You simply need the right product, such as Lancôme's double-action eye make-up remover Bi-Facil. It effortlessly removes even waterproof mascara, so you can go make-up free whenever you choose, not at the whim of your make-up. Today's woman likes to be prepared for anything, and doesn't let her mascara decide on her daily activities. From jumping in the pool, to jumping up and down at a concert, the best water resistant mascaras by Lancôme will ensure you can carry on and enjoy your life, with your lashes at their most beautiful.

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