Easy on the eye: How to wear mascara for sensitive eyes

Sensitivity can be a spoilsport when it comes to make-up, especially around the eye area. But luckily, with a few tips and advice from the experts, you can learn the best ways to wear mascara for sensitive eyes, without compromising on lash length or volume. Now doesn't that sound like a sight for sore eyes...!
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Different kinds of sensitive eyes: which one are you?

Not all sensitive sufferers are alike, and can experience different symptoms. Before you decide on the right mascara for sensitive eyes, do you recognize yourself in these eye-portraits?

Flaky Flora

The eyelids and skin around the eyes looks dry, but no matter how much cream you apply, little flakes of skin still appear, making eye make-up a nightmare to apply (and keep in place.)

Red Rosie

Are you the kind of person who wears sunglasses indoors? Often accompanied by one or more of the other symptoms listed here, red, even bloodshot eyes can be very embarrassing.

Puffy Pippa

Inflamed, swollen eyes can be caused by numerous reasons but, whatever the culprit, they are not mascara or eyeliner's best friend...

Weepy Wanda

Don't cry, Wanda! Streaming, running eyes are an open invitation for that panda look and dripping mascara down your cheeks.

Itchy Isabelle

One of the most irritating (literally) symptoms of sensitive eyes, itching can result in all of the above. The worst part? Once you scratch, you can't stop.

Why do you get sensitive eyes?

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Just as there are multiple symptoms of sensitivity, there are many potential causes, and the best way to understand why your eyes are so sensitive is to see a doctor, after which you can start your search for the best mascara for sensitive eyes. Here are some of the most common reasons for eye sensitivity:

Contact lenses

Not only are you poking around the eye area when you apply and remove your lenses (a surefire way to annoy your eyes), but conditions such as "dry eye" are common among contact lens wearers, causing discomfort and sensitivity.

Hayfever Do you notice an increase in your sensitive eyes during summer? It could be hayfever, an allergy to pollen, which causes itchiness, redness and swelling.

Ingredient intolerance You might be allergic to one of the ingredients in the make-up or skincare you use. Get yourself down to the doctor's for a diagnosis.

Sensitive skin type Maybe Mother Nature simply blessed you with a naturally sensitive skin type. If so, how do you treat the rest of your skin? Do you have a tailored skincare routine? A mascara for sensitive eyes might be your new best friend!

Make-up buildup Are you cleansing properly? Some irritation is caused by micro particles of makeup or dirt left behind on the skin, which then gets into the eye.

6 tricks for how to wear mascara for sensitive eyes

Just because you have sensitive eyes, doesn't mean you can't wear mascara! Here are five top tips for long lashes and minimum irritation.

Patch test

When deciding on your mascara of choice, apply a small amount to the skin on the interior side of your elbow, which is similar to the fragile skin around your eyes. Leave on for the rest of the day. If no redness or irritation develops, you can go back to the store and get that mascara!

One coat wonder

Avoid mascara flaking and then getting into your eyes by only applying one coat. You can still get maximum length and volume in a single sweep: Lancôme's Grandiôse, for example, has a swan neck that ensures the mascara gets to every lash even on the first coat.

Avoid the roots

While usually we recommend applying mascara right from the roots to the tip, for sensitive eyes try starting the brush a couple of millimeters above the lash line to avoid direct contact.

The right remover

Make sure you're not making your sensitivity even worse by using a harsh make-up remover. Lancôme's Bi-Facil has been specifically formulated for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers. Tested by ophthalmologists, its hypoallergenic formula gently removes make-up while soothing the skin. For extremely sensitive skin, Effacil is a comforting non-oily liquid that whisks off eye makeup without causing irritation.

Regular replacement

Did you know that it is recommended to update your mascara, even mascara for sensitive eyes, every 3-6 months? This is to avoid bacteria developing in the tube and the product drying out: both bad news for sensitive eyes.


The key word you're looking for in a mascara for sensitive eyes is "hypoallergenic". This means that the product has been tested and is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. It's not a guarantee, of course, so we still recommend you do a patch test beforehand.

What mascara for sensitive eyes?

You have sensitive eyes, but you still want optimum volume and length? Hypnôse Drama is the ideal mascara for sensitive eyes! Its creamy texture ensure the mascara coats every lash evenly without causing any potentially-irritating clumps or flakes, for dramatic, unforgettable lashes. What's more, Hypnôse Drama is fragrance-free, ophthalmologist and allergy tested, and recommended as safe for contact lens wearers(1).

Go forth and flutter, you sensitive souls!

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