Expert tips: the best mascara for short lashes

Looking for the best mascara for short lashes? Whether you have long, full eyelashes or short, stubby ones is usually a question of genetics. If you find yourself in the latter group, mascara can be your go-to make-up tool to add some length. But, with all the different kinds of mascara available, how do you narrow your search to find the best mascara for short lashes?
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What type of eyelashes do you have?

You might have self-diagnosed your lashes as short, without taking the time to really study what Mother Nature has given you. But let's take a closer look together in order to find the best mascara for short lashes...

Keep in line: straight lashes

Hold a mirror in front of your face and turn your head slightly so that you can see your profile and, more importantly, your eyelashes. Do they curl upwards or grow out in a more horizontal direction? It may be that your lashes aren't short, but actually straight, which gives the impression have less length. An eyelash curler can help give you those beautiful curved lashes that Parisian women are known for, followed by Lancôme's Grandiôse mascara, whose elastomeric brush lifts and separates lashes, coating each one in a smooth coat of mascara from root to tip.

A rare find: sparse lashes

Now, turn your face to the mirror and lift your chin - still looking at the mirror - so that your eyes are naturally semi-closed. Study the distribution of your lashes along the eyelash line. If your lashes don't grow in even amounts, but in sparse clumps, they'll look shorter than they really are. Not to worry though, the Hypnôse mascara is formulated to add volume and length to each individual lash without weighing them down, so you can choose your preferred level of volume.

Pretty petite: short lashes

Not straight? Not short? Turn your face back to the original position, slightly angled so you can both see into the mirror and see your profile. Look at the length of your natural lashes: short lashes do not extend far from the lash line, tapering off a few millimeters from the skin.

Have you found your diagnosis? You're in luck: Lancôme's experts know some tricks of the trade, as well as the best mascara for short lashes...

4 tricks to lengthen the appearance of short eyelashes

Curly lashes look longer

Use an eyelash curler before applying the best mascara for short lashes. Warm it up in your hands or breathe on it so that the cold metal doesn't damage the lashes, then apply gentle pressure and hold for ten seconds. Release and repeat if necessary.

Prime your lashes pre-mascara

Much like a make-up primer, a lash primer like Lancôme's Cils Booster XL is applied in a single sweep, coating every lash and prepping them for the mascara. This additional layer makes your lashes appear longer and thicker once mascara is applied.

Use make-up to create a long lash illusion

By applying a thin line of black liner across the top lash line, the roots of the lashes appear thicker. Then, when you apply the best mascara for short lashes, the entire lash - from root to tip - looks more voluminous and longer.

Use your wand correctly

Your mascara wand, of course. By starting at the lash roots and moving slowly upwards in zigzagging movements, the mascara is distributed evenly onto every lash, giving the impression of length and fullness. With these expert tricks up your sleeve, here's your secret weapon for long, voluminous-looking lashes...
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Mascaras that lengthen short lashes

Wondering which is the best mascara for short lashes? You're in the right place. The variety of mascaras available might seem overwhelming, but if you have short eyelashes, focus on mascaras specifically formulated as "lengthening". Lancôme's Grandiôse mascara, for example, has a swan neck wand angled at 25° from its axe, enabling optimal application for maximum length and volume. To make each lash stand out with perfect coverage from root to tip, the Définicils mascara has a small brush head to help lash separation and prevent clumps which can make lashes look stubby.

Make the most of the best mascara for short lashes and ensure you've the longest lashes in town by putting these dos and don'ts on your beauty checklist!

DON'T Pile on the layers

By adding layer after layer of mascara, you'll cause clumping and actually end up making the lashes look stubby, the opposite of what you're after... Think effortless French beauty!

DO Make sure you remove mascara properly

Ensure you use a gentle make-up remover such as Bi-Facil - or Effacil for particularly sensitive eyes - every evening to encourage optimal growth and healthy lashes.

DON'T Rub harshly when removing your mascara

By scrubbing at your eyes too roughly when removing make-up, you risk breaking the lashes. Gently does it. Go forth, feel beautiful, and love your eyelashes, whether they're long or short!

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