Interview make-up artist: my favorite lash lengthening mascara

“Triple Golden Brush” award-winning, Lancôme make-up artist Ricardo Costales from Miami, USA shares his secrets including his favorite lash lengthening mascara.
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Introducing Ricardo Costales, Lancôme’s expert make-up artist

Ricardo knows about make-up. Having worked for Lancôme 26 years, he’s also an expert when it comes to famous faces, working with the likes of Brooke Shields, Inez Sastres, Alec Wek, Miranda Cosgroves and Arlenis Sosa. A regular at New York fashion week, he even worked on Miss Universe contestants and said “I have the privilege to change people's life by teaching the client how to be better, prettier. The more I listen to my client or celebrity the better I know her and her needs.”

Ricardo’s lash lengthening mascara secrets

If you were stuck on a desert island, which mascara would you pack?

“I would have with me Définicils lash lengthening mascara. I can add two or three coats to lashes and every time my client’s lashes look amazingly long and never thick or clumpy. It is a beautiful formula always on point. The way I like to apply it, from the roots to the tips, then from the tips to the roots, I keep building the mascara in each individual lash, without weighing it down too much. Lashes look long and separate, but never artificial and clumpy. The formula is light, silky, a pretty black and it delivers enough product to each lash.”

What’s the best trick to create length and fullness ?

“I always like to prime each lash with Cils Booster XL . I never let it dry but I apply the lash lengthening mascara on top the freshly applied primer. Cils Booster XL is the most hydrating primer in the market. It conditions each lash making them ready to be coated with Définicils mascara. When I want super long, thick, separated lashes, I like to apply a little of loose powder on top of the first coat of mascara then reapply mascara on top of the powder – it adds thickness and texture and body too.”

Any more tips ?

“To create the best out of your lash lengthening mascara, use Cils Booster XL day and night especially going to bed, or going to the beach or pool. When lashes are hydrated from applying Cils Booster XL 24 hours, they look healthier, silkier, hydrated and more lush!”

And how can those with shorter lashes use lash lengthening mascara ?

“For short and stubby lashes apply Cils Booster XL as a primer. Any length type of lashes gets better and longer. As we get older, dryer, brittle lashes break easily.”

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Ricardo’s Dos and Don’ts

DON'T Apply it fast and carelessly

“I hate mascara applied in a very fast, unprofessional way so lashes look clumpy. Eyes look tired, messy, older and sad -not a good look !!!”

DO Replace every 3 months

“There is nothing worse for a client or a makeup artist than using old mascara that is going to flake and look messy. It’s not classy’s not Lancôme.”

DON'T Be shy about using color

“Color mascaras are fun and they can add texture and different looks without changing whole makeup look. I love Grandiôse Extrême’s Burgundy shade to bring green eyes to another level. I love Sapphire for summer to show the world my client is funky, versatile, and eager to look different without too many changes in her make up routine.

DO Use the best lash lengthening mascara

“I love Définicils because I love long and separated lashes. I believe clumpy lashes are not sexy or feminine !"

DON'T Throw away the old brush

“I love to save an old mascara brush which I keep clean and ready to separate any clumps. When you apply any mascara for lengthening or thickening it is wise to separate each lash with the clean mascara brush. “

DO Avoid pumping air into the mascara

“Best practice for mascara users is to avoid pumping air inside the mascara tube. This is a very common mistake clients make! Pumping air in the wand with every application creates dryness inside the product.”

Avoid pumping air into the mascara

Curl lashes with a perfect lash curler like Lancôme’s Le Curler to prevent breaking lashes

Apply your lash lengthening mascara to a primed lashes using Cils Booster XL.

Apply your lash lengthening mascara from roots to tips, then down from tips to the roots, to keep building lashes for a superb look.

Any last wise words ?

“After 26 years I feel like the original makeup artist for Lancôme. Thanks to their technology, skin care, and makeup products, even after all this time Lancôme is always at the cutting edge. I love my Lancôme - especially my Définicils lash lengthening mascara !”

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