Pressed Powder: The secret to Spring’s prettiest sun-kissed complexions

Craving a beautifully bronzed look even though it's only the middle of Spring? Then maybe your latest beauty secret is going to be one of the new breed of radiance-boosting pressed powders.
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The freshest new trends from the runways at Paris Fashion Week for this Spring/Summer were all about a subtle dose of sun-kissed bronze across the bridge of the nose and the cheeks. A tawny glow thanks to the right pressed powder, makes you look younger, prettier and downright cooler. The correct shade of pressed powder bronzer will also emphasise your eyes and mouth when applied correctly. Sounds good, huh? Here are some tricks on how to nail this quintessentially Parisian look.


A model-worthy complexion can be easily achieved with the right pressed powder, but it requires a light touch to get a natural finish. Before applying any kind of makeup, ensure you properly cleanse and moisturize the skin. First cleanse using Lancôme Miel en Mousse. This foaming face cleanser and makeup remover contains acacia honey to leave skin clean and soft. Hydrated skin is less sensitive and using a hyaluronic-rich serum before your moisturizer, such as Lancôme Advanced Génifique Sérum, will lock in moisture, brighten your complexion and form an even base for makeup application. These prepping steps allow your pressed powder foundation to sit smoothly on the skin, last longer and create a beautifully even complexion.


After applying your moistuizer (try LancômeAbsolue Precious Cells Day Cream, which has an SPF15) and serum, use a primer to smooth the skin and add extra hold to makeup. Primers also add radiance and can minimize pores too. This will make sure your pressed powder foundation goes on evenly and lasts longer, so seek out one that you love the smell and texture of, as you’ll want to be using it everyday.

The trick to clever layering is to use the right amount of product – not too much – and remember not to rush. Allow each layer time to soak into the skin before applying the next. So wait just a few minutes after applying your moisturizer and before you apply the primer. Do the same post-primer and before you sweep on your pressed powder. This makeup artist trick allows each layer time to settle and means the finish will be more natural-looking.

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Choose a pressed powder with a feather-light texture and illuminating qualities, such as Lancôme Poudre Majeur Excellence Libre (@US Market: please adapt with local product). This multi-tasking powder foundation will give a fresh finish for a beautifully matte look. It's ideal for daytime or evening wear and will give you a flawless finish that's sure to result in plenty of compliments!

Tips on how to apply? Simply take a large full brush and sweep the powder across your face, starting at the forehead. Remember to tap off any excess powder from the brush first. Then sweep the brush lightly down the nose, across the chin, and then finally swirling across cheeks for a radiant, matte look. Most people need less product on their cheeks (as usually we have an oilier T-zone) so it makes sense to do that section of your face last for a more natural-looking effect.


If you prefer a fuller coverage – and are hoping to do touch-ups on the move, then a pressed powder compact, such as Lancôme Belle De Teint will give a flawless, even and fresh-faced effect with minimum fuss. Apply using a brush or the sponge applicator for a buildable formula that will last all day. It's perfect for a desk-to-disco scenario, when packing light for a weekend away, or just when you want to look beautifully flawless all day!


Need to touch up your makeup throughout the day or into the evening? Looking for a foundation that will give you a healthy glow without making your skin look shiny? Then simply choose a great compact for easy touch-ups and a radiance-boosting pressed powder that will give you an enviably matte look. Luckily, Lancôme Belle De Teint has both these qualities in one easy-to-use product!

The makeup artists rave about the blurring effects of sheer formula pressed powders, such as Lancôme Belle De Teint, that work by creating the illusion of naturally flawless skin. This easy-to-wear foundation recreates the glow of healthy youthful skin for a soft and smooth complexion. The anti-fatigue formula also visibly reduces pores for a velvety effect. It’s like summer skin in a compact!

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