We Found The Best Non-Clumping Mascara for YOU!

It's a make-up miracle! Your new magic wand is the best non-clumping mascara, used to wave off lumpy-looking lashes in the twinkle of an eye. Whether you prefer doll-like length or natural-looking lashes, you can avoid messy make-up mistakes with the best non-clumping mascaras designed especially for your ideal look.
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3 make-up maxims for perfect lashes

Clumpy mascara is caused by the uneven distribution of mascara on the lashes, resulting in an unnatural finish that also risks smudging across your face and make-up. It's a French beauty no-no

To avoid this ever happening to you, these three tips combined with the best non-clumping mascara, will ensure you've fought off the clumps before they can ruin your look:

Long live mascara !

Dry mascara can happen because you've forgotten to close the top properly, or can simply happen with time (even to the very best non-clumping mascaras), which is why you should treat yourself to a new mascara on average twice a year.

Dry makes us cry

Another beauty tip for prolonging the life of your mascara so that it doesn't dry out is to store it in a cool place: we've even heard rumors of people leaving their make-up in the fridge! But because that might be a little icy for our eyes, we recommend a cool make-up cabinet, well away from central heating or humid bathrooms.

All the proof that's needed

Sometimes clumpy mascara, even using the best non-clumping mascara, can be no fault of your own. Sudden downpours, for example, can leave previously perfect mascara clumpy and smudged. To avoid a make-up meltdown, if you're not sure what the weather has in store, or if there's a chance you might pop by the pool after work, avoid wet clumps by wearing waterproof mascara such as the lash-hugging Hypnôse Waterproof mascara, which allows you to build up custom volume.
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Never too late: How can you save your mascara from clumps

Eye don't believe it! You've done your very best, but some pesky clumps have still shown up to your mascara party, and are ruining the vibe. How can you see them out the front door without messing up the rest of your look?

Is this your first layer of mascara? If so, while it's still wet, go over with a near-empty mascara wand to quickly brush those clumps away, or at least smooth them out. Use slow movements right from the bottom of the lash to the tip, while lightly covering your eyeshadow and liner with a piece of tissue. If the mascara has already dried, a lash brush or clean spoolie will usually be enough to gently brush off excess product clumps. If the dried clumps are refusing to budge, a cotton swab dipped in water or micellar water - such as the Eau Fraîche Douceur Micellar Cleansing Water - should loosen the mascara enough for you to gently wipe away excess clumps, avoiding any eyeshadow or eyeliner. Always remember to be very careful around the eye area, especially when waving a cotton swab!

What different looks can you achieve with the best non-clumping mascaras?

Best non-clumping mascaras will give you a wide array of different looks, but certain mascaras have their own specialties...

Take Hypnôse Doll Eyes , for example, which provides you with the perfect dose of the best non-clumping mascara in order to build up long, doe-eye-like lashes without a single clump (fawns don't clump, after all...).

For maximum volume, but without the clumps that can so often trip up a voluminous make-up look, Hypnôse Drama also allows you to build up your lashes to exactly the size you desire.

We're regularly on the hunt for a natural (and therefore completely clump-free) make-up look that nevertheless gives our lashes definition and length: the ideal work-to-play mascara. Définicils by Lancôme provides perfectly even coverage to each lash, and is especially useful for those with shorter lashes, extending the appearance of each one.

Clump-free (and feeling fantastic)

The best non-clumping mascara can bring your expression from mainstream to magical without you worrying whether a second or third coat is going to leave lashes clumpy and unnatural-looking. Combine your magic mascara wand with the science from the Lancôme Laboratories, plus a sprinkling of expert tips, and your wildest make-up dreams really can come true !

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