Why a good waterproof mascara can change your life?

Come rain or shine, having the best waterproof mascara can be a life-saver. Gone are the days where waterproof mascara was reserved solely for rainy days or for the pool, now we need 24hr perfect eyes every day, no matter the weather.
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Waterproof mascara: centre stage

Did you know the first waterproof mascara came about in 1930’s? Although there are different accounts as to who the first inventor of waterproof mascara (a turpentine-based formula) was it’s clearly come a long way since then. Lancôme’s Hypnôse waterproof mascaras have given us the ultimate weapon against smearing, smudging and streaking. Thanks to the latest SoftShield™ technologie, Lancôme offers a waterproof formula, enriched with Vitamin B5 which increases lash volume up to 6 times for long lasting wear!

Lancôme’s multi-tasking best waterproof mascaras

Luckily today’s answer to ‘panda eyes’ is a lot gentler than its first incarnation, and has other benefits too including volumizing and lengthening. Who knew even our waterproof mascara could multi-task?

Choose Hypnôse Doll Eyes Waterproof for extra volume and separation for that false lash look. Thanks to its easy glide FiberShineTM formula and its unique cone style nylon brush, it offers easy application for sculpting, curling and loading lashes with plenty of shine.

Hypnôse Waterproof is a classic, for more volume with its rich SoftSculpt ™ formula leaving lashes long and supple. The smooth texture and PowerFull™ fiber brush (with as many as 1000 bristles!) wraps lashes from tip to top offering six times more volume.

For a darker, more intense look, long lasting Hypnôse Drama goes deeper. Enriched with Pro Vitamin B5, it’s easy to apply, giving a triple coating is one fell swoop. The kink in the S-shaped Convex Brush means improved contact and more coverage.

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A game changer? A life changer!

It might sound a little melodramatic, but the right waterproof mascara can be truly liberating. Today, we multi task and multiplying activities, packing more into one day than ever, so we need to be prepared for any eventuality, every day.

7 reasons you need waterproof mascara in your life

At the beach

Waterproof mascara means you needn’t worry about an impromptu dip!

At your best friend’s wedding

Weddings are well known to set off complicated emotions, so unless you’re very cool under emotional pressure, waterproof mascara is key.

At the gym

Even if you hit the gym on a whim, wearing waterproof mascara means you’re prepared for action. No matter if a few drops of unsightly sweat get in the way, those lashes will still look the part after your workout.

In a rainstorm

Yes, it’s romantic to take a walk in a rainstorm, but if you want to recreate the 4 Weddings and a Funeral scene, without streaks, waterproof mascara is compulsory.

At a festival

Dancing all day and night is hard work: the last thing you’ll want to do in camp is check that makeup repeatedly. Once again, waterproof mascara is a saviour!

On a date

It’s late. It’s a date. Who knows what might happen? Be prepared for anything with mascara that will stay put, whatever you get up to!

At the movies

If you’re the sensitive type you might find yourself coming out of the cinema with a bit of a sniffle. It’s ok, it happens.
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Spontaneity rules

Spontaneity is so rare these days, it’s a real treat to be able to embrace the unknown and follow your heart, without having to worry about the way you look. Think about it, being prepared, from the tip of your lashes means you can go with the flow.

Live spontaneously, live waterproof.

In a few simple words, waterproof mascara is an enabler. The smart woman’s trick to lead the life she wants to, without scheduling it all ahead. So, don’t be caught unawares, wherever you might be, whatever your plans, having the best waterproof mascara can really change your life.

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We all need waterproof mascara that does the job! Whether it’s a surprise rainstorm, or a sweaty session in the gym… A night in watching a classic rom-com or attending a best friend’s wedding… there are so many good reasons to shed a tear or two these days, it’s best to be ready. Thankfully Lancôme offer plenty of solutions to our problems and mascara running down our cheeks is a thing of the past.