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Grandiôse Extreme Volume Mascara


Grandiôse Extreme by Lancôme® goes further in lash transformation, offering an new v ... Read full description

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Grandiose Extreme Volume Mascara

Grandiôse Extreme Volume Mascara

One colour available
01 Noir Extrême

Grandiôse Extreme by Lancôme® goes further in lash transformation, offering an new version of its iconic mascara for an extreme volume and intensity.

GRANDIÔSE METAMORPHOSE: Lancôme goes further in lash transformation, offering  an extreme version of its iconic mascara:

• Extreme Volume: This new mascara provides extreme volume, from root to tip. The eyelashes look amplified fom corner to corner, for a lash by lash & instant volume in a few easy strokes.

• Extreme Hold: The new formula lasts for up to 24 hours.

• Extreme Intensity: The Noir Extrême shade offers an unprecedented intense black pigment.

Lancôme unveils a new application technique that effortlessly creates perfectly open, full and long lashes. This patent-pending “Swan-NeckTM” wand and high-precision brush can grab lashes close to the roots to perfectly fan them out, corner to corner.

Creates an extreme volume & ultra intense longwear look from day to night.
Its “Swan-NeckTM” wand and high-precision brush that enable an application technique unseen before.

1. Outer corner & centre: hold wand with curve facing down to lift and wing-out the lashes.
2. Inner corner: hold wand with curve facing up to lift and extend the lashes.
3. Lower lashes: hold wand with the curve facing up to define the lashes.

Apply your mascara like a pro with Grandiôse. The curved brush allows you to reach every lash with precision and ease. Start at the outer corner of your eyes with the curve down to wing out the lashes and apply the product in zig-zag motions as you move toward the centre. When reaching the inner corners, flip the curve upwards. It's that easy!

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