A spring collection designed for gourmets

Strawberry mousse, grenadine syrup, matcha latté... The make-up collection from Lancôme for spring and summer 2018 was inspired by the confectionery. Watch out as this is no classic collection, but rather a reflection of the trendy French style of the Marais district in Paris.
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Color food. Say goodbye to classic confectionery! Today all you need to do is walk around the Marais district and you'll notice that the women, in search of well-being, swear exclusively by healthy eateries and their new wave of sweet-tasting offerings. This is where the idea came from for this appetizing and trendy makeup collection, inspired by their favorite recipes. The result: macaroon-shaped blushes, candy-like eyeshadow shades... All instantly Instagrammable.

Pop beauty. Make-up lovers will be delighted: This year, Lancôme has designed a bright and vibrant pastel make-up collection that echoes the foodistas' blogs. A beauty statement that can be adapted to your needs, since their pigment concentration and various modes of application (finger, brush, sponge) enable you to tone down the effect, or not.

The sweet treat? The best ally for a great complexion. The proof: Strawberry mousse was the inspiration behind Blush Bomb, which is applied right up to the temples. Candy was the inspiration behind the Candy Eyes palette with its sweet-shaped eyeshadow colors. And grenadine inspired the Lip Tint and Bold Lips, the syrup-like lip gloss and lipstick. To top it off, the make-up is bang on-trend. Perfect for filling yourself with self-esteem!

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