Advanced Génifique and Advanced Génifique Sensitive, the best care for soothing uncomfortable skin

Irregular complexion, reactive and blotchy skin: women's faces become even more sensitive with the changes of the season. Don't panic! The Advanced Génifique and Advanced Génifique Sensitive skincare duo upgrades your end-of-summer routine, leaving your skin soothed and radiant after the holidays.
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End-of-summer symptoms

Skin irritations and blotches :

After being exposed to the air and sun, the skin is more sensitive and fragile at the end of the summer, and may have reddish areas and discoloration that cause discomfort.

Tightness and skin fatigue :

Highly stressed during the holidays as it is exposed to external aggressors, the face tends to feel tight and dry after taking a shower and makeup sets less easily.

Peaks of extreme sensitivity

A study carried out on 3,000 women from 3 different continents (Europe, USA and Asia) demonstrated that sensitive skin is continually on the rise. Regardless of the age, type or color of their skin, all women experience peaks of extreme skin sensitivity at some point or other. Direct consequence? A real discomfort coupled with a reduction in the signs of youth induced by a state of oxidation, repeatedly inflamed skin, redness and discoloration, tightness, and weakening of the skin's barrier function.

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The miracle solution for soothing your skin

Today Advanced Génifique Sensitive by Lancôme is the perfect solution for preventing and treating peaks of extreme irritability and sensitivity, in order for skin to feel soothed once more. How ?

1) By choosing an "acid" formula with a pH of 5.4, which corresponds with the pH of healthy, youthful-looking skin with optimal cell regeneration. Whereas sensitive skin has a rather low pH.

2) With a fresh formula, activated at the last minute thanks to a shot of 99.9% pure antioxidants, composed of ferulic acid and vitamin E. What about the remaining 0.1%? Just water to adjust the solubilization.

3) Thanks to a cocktail of three portions of probiotics (lactobacillus, yeast and bifidobacteria) used for the very first time in a skincare product to combat micro-inflammation, rejuvenate the skin, and repair and strengthen the skin's natural barrier. The best technique: Use Advanced Génifique Sensitive every evening, as and when your skin feels discomfort. And Advanced Génifique in the morning, all year round.

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