How Ferulic Acid and Vitamin E revolutionized our Advanced Génifique Sensitive Serum?

Tightness, blotches, burning sensations... To eliminate these sensations that we all experience at some point, Lancôme has developed a sensitive skin version of its star serum based on ferulic acid and Vitamin E.
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At certain times of the year when the skin falls victim to internal and environmental aggressors, and it struggles to get back its balance, feelings of burning, dryness and redness may arise...

In this case, what is the best ally for sensitive skin? Advanced Génifique Sensitive and its double formula whose star ingredients, ferulic acid, vitamin E and probiotics, are mixed together at the last minute for optimal effectiveness. Let’s look at the main benefits of this new revolutionary cream:

The presence of ferulic acid

Rice extract, a natural antioxidant, acts at the heart of the cells to protect them against oxidation. Here, it is isolated and used in a 99.9% pure form in order to maintain its effectiveness when faced with the harmful effects of UV rays and the heat.

The ferulic acid is encapsulated with 1% vitamin E

As both ingredients have a complementary antioxidant effect upon the free radicals caused by UV rays. These two active ingredients support sun creams although they themselves do not offer any sun protection.

The combination of three probiotics for a global effect on the skin's ecosystem

Fractions of lactobacillus to neutralize inflammation, bifidus to repair the skin's barrier function, and yeast to rejuvenate the skin. The guarantee for soothed skin.

The fresh formula is activated at the start of the treatment

All you need to do is break the seal to release the duo of antioxidants, ferulic acid + vitamin E, into the probiotic serum base. This on-the-spot activation preserves the power of the active ingredients and guarantees optimal effectiveness for the next two months.

The ingredients are natural

The three fractions of probiotics are the biotechnological active ingredients. The ferulic acid is of natural origin. The Vitamin E is 100% pure.

The formula and the vial bottle are patent protected until 2030

Proof of the overall avant-garde concept...

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