Instagrammable eyes with the double applicator makeup pens and Sparkling Blacks eyeshadows.

With the Sparkling Blacks limited edition eyeshadow makeup from Lancôme, in just two steps create the on-trend look that is taking social media by storm.
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Due to the influence of social media, girls want to apply their makeup quicker so they can instantly post their results. For this reason, they are bound to be seduced by Sparkling Blacks eyeshadow, the new limited edition makeup collection from Lancôme, which will be available for a very short time only. It allows girls to create a smoky ultra-bold look, a smudged eyelid, or iridescent eyes in record time.

On the one hand, there is the Smoky Eye Duo Pen and its double applicator tool. The large applicator allows you to apply the eyeshadow across the entire eyelid, a step that is repeated to create a more intense effect. The fine applicator is like a liner and is ideal for highlighting the upper eyelashes. As for the eye makeup colors, they are bang in line with the season's trends, including lilac, khaki, gold, and silver shades.

On the other hand, the Ombres Hypnôse Ultra eye shadows come with a double-applicator brush to ensure a smoky, more-or-less opaque eye look when they are faded in using the cushion of the index finger. A special mention to the four most remarkable eye shades on social media: garnet, anthracite, khaki, and pink.

Smoky Eye Duo Pen and Ombres Hypnôse Ultra, Sparkling Blacks collection, Lancôme.

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