The art of seduction by batting your eyelashes on Valentine's Day

Our love story with Monsieur Big lash-boosting mascara continues… Today, Monsieur Big Waterproof once more takes us by surprise with its waterproof formula! Because on Valentine's Day, women need to have faith in their volumizing mascara more than ever.
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Monsieur Big Waterproof, an extremely loyal makeup formula

Throughout the year and on Valentine's Day in particular, women need an ultra-resistant mascara formula that won't let them down if emotions run high, they burst into fits of laughter, or cry tears of happiness. This is what the new Monsieur Big Waterproof mascara eye makeup has to offer: guarantee to conquer all the day-to-day challenges without needing to be touched up.

Monsieur Big Waterproof, passionate volume

During a cozy dinner for two, more than on any other occasion, women need WOW effect lash volume that will seduce their date with a simple fluttering of the eyelashes. Mission accomplished with this mascara complete with ingenious brush and its long fanned out and waved fibers that stroke the lashes one by one, making them 12 times more voluminous for fuller-looking lashes.

Monsieur Big Waterproof, a permanent color

Besides the volumizing mascara formula that does not run or flake regardless of the circumstances, the new generation pigments in Monsieur Big Waterproof remain intact for 24 hours after the mascara has been applied. The lashes remain coated with the intense black color, even on a supercharged evening or when you dance away until the early hours...

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