When Lancôme makes Lip Art

With its 14 new shades of gloss and 3 different finishes, the new Absolu Rôses collection has Lip Art tingling on everyone's lips. All while reasserting Lancôme's expertise in both color and make-up.
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For 80 years we have known that pink is the preferred color at Lancôme. A color that the company is still just as passionate about, since the Absolu Rôses collection gives prominence to 14 shades of cream, sheer, and velvet matte gloss, naturally inspired by Lancôme's favorite flower: the rose. Three of these shades, which have punctuated the history of Lancôme, are iconic:

L'Absolu Gloss Cream 132 Caprice. A vibrant and intoxicating red: what all women are searching for. Once applied, this shade brings a satin shine to the lips, caressed by a lip balm-like base.

L’Absolu Gloss Sheer 317 Pourquoi Pas ? Mischievous, innocent, and shiny pink, 317 Pourquoi Pas? captures the freshness of the rose. In no time at all, lips are sparkling and wonderfully irresistible. A real ode to joy!

L’Absolu Velvet Matte 378 Rose Lancôme. The signature color of Lancôme, this deep and vibrant magenta pink conveys the essence of the brand's philosophy. Bold at first glance, its flamboyant side is softened by the velvety finish of its matte formula composed of gel and protective wax. Designed for all women and all lips, this generous magenta pink showers the lips with joy and lights up the smile.

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