Mille & Une Roses Eau de Parfum Spray

Mille & Une Roses

Eau de Parfum Spray



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Created as a limited edition in time for the new millennium, Mille & Une Roses concentrates exceptional quality absolute and essence of Damask rose, sourced from Turkey and Bulgaria.

Adorned with ambrette seed, tangerine and pepper, this rose starts as a closed bud, still bejewelled with fresh morning dew. The closer you come to skin to breathe in its fragrance, the more the bud flourishes. Petal by petal, it generously opens out, exuding incomparable radiance.

Amber, vanilla pod and white musk then emerge, revealing their sumptuous scents on skin. The flower then takes on a subtly oriental accent, prolonging its hold and growing in body. A rare essence born of the world's finest and most noble raw materials.

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