Day vs Night mask. Which mask is right for you?

Don’t know whether a day or night mask is better for you? We compare two Lancôme masks to help soothe stressed-out skin
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While facial masks remain one of the best ways to whip tired faces into shape, they’re also perfect for pampering skin that’s been burned-out by a fast-paced lifestyle. Which formula to choose? Day or night, we help you make your ideal mask pick.

Daytime: Génifique Mask

What?A high-tech, bio cellulose-rich mask that fuses with the face to create second skin that delivers the equivalent of half a bottle of Lancôme’s star anti-aging product, Advanced Génifique Serum.

How-to? All it takes is 20 minutes for this genius product to infuse the skin with active ingredients. Once smoothed across the face, it kick-starts revitalization to brighten the complexion and stamp out fine lines.

Who for? Anyone with a jam-packed schedule looking for a skincare SOS that’s guaranteed to to fight skin fatigue.

Night: Absolue Precious Cells Revitalizing Night Ritual Mask

What? A revitalizing mask made from a cold distillation of Rose Damascena oil which safeguards all 140 of the flower’s enriching molecules.

How-to? Simply smooth across the face in one fine layer using the product’s own special soft-touch applicator so that this duvet-like mask can rejuvenate the skin and infuse it with an incredible sense of wellbeing.

Who for? Anyone who wants to switch off their skin after a stressed-out day, leaving the skin better off to face the next day.

Génifique Masque & Absolue Precious Cells Revitalizing Night Ritual Mask, Lancôme.