Liquid Care: A watery beauty obsession all the way from Asia

Discover the latest skincare trend from Asia: a watery beauty obsession that will revolutionize you beauty routine
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In Asian cultures, water has always been central to women’s beauty and hygiene routines, leading Japanese and Korean beauty brands to create ‘cosmetic waters’, products with a much higher water content than usual that are more easily absorbed into the skin.

Lancôme has looked to this new beauty technology to create its own liquid cream, resulting in a hybrid lotion-serum-day cream: Énergie de Vie Soin Liquide. Harnessing Liquid Care technology derived from cosmetic waters, it’s made up of a 24% hydrating agents – a market record - to quench the skin.

A special mention goes to the fluid, super fresh texture that not only intensely re-energizes the skin, it also provides water-tight protection against whatever the day has to throw at you. In skin terms, it’s all the hydration power of an herbal tea, with the energy hit of a coffee.

Énergie de Vie Soin Liquide, Lancôme.

© Nicolas Valois

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