Makeup free weekends

Discover the latest no makeup trend with this go-to adopted byactresses looking for brighter, more relaxed and more radiant-looking skin.
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Introducing a trend that’s beloved of TV and movie actresses. And for good reason, after all, they spend so much of their week wearing heavy studio-grade makeup that they crave a little fresh air and a much-needed break for the skin.

So why not jump on the trend and give your skin a breath of fresh air at the weekend?

Friday evening: Begin by carefully and meticulously removing makeup. Follow up with a refreshing facial scrub such as the wonderfully skin-purifying and clearing Exfoliance Radiance.

Saturday and Sunday: Smooth on a light and soothing cream like the Bienfait Multi-Vital Lotion in SPF 50. Guaranteed to give your complexion a positive glow, it will also diminish indicators of stress including redness and dry spots, all the while protecting you from the sun’s harmful rays.

Come Monday morning: Skin will appear fresher looking, brighter and better able to handle a week full of makeup.

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