Trend to try: oil with day cream

Known to coat and comfort the face, oils have fast become a necessary step in any evening beauty routine, especially during the winter.
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Why? Because they’re designed to comfort the face with a protective cloak, oils have fast become a crucial ingredient within many an evening beauty routine.

However, what you may not realize is that worn under day cream or mixed with a favorite moisturizer right as it’s applied, oils can also create a wonderful protective blanket for the skin. Think of them as a soft cover that work to nourish and protect the skin from everything the environment can throw at it -- all the while giving the skin some enchanting glow.

To apply, best to go with several drops of Lancôme’s Absolue Precious Oil along with a little Rénergie cream that will soften skin tissue and relax facial features, assuring a bright glow even as the temperatures plummet.

Consider it the perfect combination for a fresh, glossy complexion despite gloomily cold climes.

Absolue Precious Oil, Lancôme. Rénergie Crème, Lancôme.

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