Facial Toner


Face toner available in a variety of textures for all skin type. Our toners purify your skin and help it regain its natural balance.

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Tonique Confort

Face Toner - Moisturising - Dry Skin
75 ml - 400 ml

Tonique Douceur Face Toner

Face Toner - Softening, Hydrating - Normal to Combination Skin
200 ml - 400 ml

Rénergie Multi-Lift Gel-in-Lotion Face Toner

Face Toner - Deeply Hydrating - All Skin Types
200 ml

Absolue Rose 80 Lotion Face Toner

Face Toner - Brightening, Revitalising - Grand Rose Extracts
150 ml

Absolue Precious Cells Rose Lotion Face Toner

Face Toner - Revitalising Lotion - All Skin Types
150 ml

Rose Milk Mist

A soothing re-hydrating mist with hyaluronic acid + rose water
100 ml