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Contrary to its name, eyelash growth serum has benefits that go beyond encouraging longer lashes. If you have short, sparse, or straight lashes, regular and consistent use of eyelash serum can help promote growth, curl, lift and volume. The best eyelash serums act as a conditioner for eyelashes, supporting hairs damaged from makeup and fostering curl and lift. So, when choosing an eyelash serum, it’s important to look for nourishing ingredients that can support these benefits. Adopting a lash care routine complete with a quality eyelash serum can help you create a dreamy set of full and fluttery lashes and brightened eyes. We’ve assembled this article to help you learn everything you need to know about your new beauty kit staple.


What is eyelash serum?

Eyelash serum, or eyelash booster, is a must-have product for improving the appearance of lashes. Eyelash enhancers aim to strengthen and condition your lashes and encourage growth, for a fuller lash look. It’s an important item in your beauty arsenal because mascara and eyeshadow can dry lashes, while makeup removal can cause lash fallout. While we all desire a thick, feathery set of lashes, taking steps to support your eyelash health is about more than just appearance - eyelashes also help to protect the eyes from airborne dust, dirt, and debris.

What does eyelash serum do?

If you’ve never used eyelash serums before, it’s fair to wonder: how does eyelash serum work? Lash conditioner is typically used to nourish the lashes and encourage growth with conditioning and moisturising properties. Lancôme’s dual-function Advanced Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl is a eye and lash serum, formulated with ingredients that benefit both your lashes and the eye area. This serum can support eye contours and eyelashes through:

·       Providing nourishment

·       Building lash thickness

·       Lifting and strengthening the lashes

·       Smoothing fine lines and reducing puffiness

If your lashes and eye area could benefit from this support, read on for a deeper understanding.

Eyelash serum benefits for lashes

The best eyelash serums for growth aim to boost moisture and strengthen damaged lashes.  Advanced Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl serum is formulated with vitamin Cg and probiotic factions which can target delicate lashes when applied along the lash line. Complete your lash care routine with Lancôme’s Lash Revitalizing Serum, formulated with a unique combination of 4 concentrated amino acids. Together, this pairing can:

·       Condition the lashes by providing root to tip nourishment.

·       Help to fortify eyelash hairs, promoting retention for less fallout.

·       Support lift and curl to help achieve the appearance of thicker eyelashes.

Eyelash serum benefits for the eye contour

The Yeux Light-Pearl serum is unique in its ability to serve as both an eyelash serum and target the eye contours. When it comes to the eye area, this serum can have benefits for the eye area such as:

·       A cooling effect provided by the stainless-steel applicator that can help depuff under eye circles, revealing brighter looking skin.

·       Helping to smooth fine lines and firm eye contours when massaged into the area around the eyes.

·       Delivering essential nutrients to the skin that can support a youthful look.

If wrinkles and fine lines are a major concern, use this serum as part of an anti-aging skincare routine. The hero of Lancôme’s Advanced Génifique Collection is the iconic anti-aging serum, Advanced Génifique. This high-performance serum can help target wrinkles and boost clarity and radiance in the skin.

How to apply lash serum

To get see the most out of an eyelash enhancer, it’s important to learn how to use eyelash serum correctly, so follow our specific application method:

1.     Cleanse your skin with your preferred facial cleanser and pat your skin dry before application.

2.     Close your eyes and carefully apply eyelash serum along the upper lash line. Allow to dry before moving onto your other skincare steps.

If eyelash serum is a new element in your beauty regimen, there are few common mistakes that are easy to avoid with the following tips:

·       The eye area is delicate and prone to tenderness caused by dirt and dust, so wash your hands before using eyelash enhancers. 

·       Less is more when it comes to eyelash serum, so use sparingly.

·       Your lower lashes will reap the benefits of eyelash serum applied to the eyelid lash line without the risk of product seeping into your eye tissue.

If you’re using lash conditioner in the morning, ensure the serum is dry before applying makeup. 

How Does Lash Serum Work?

Caring for your natural eyelashes is just one step in achieving luscious lashes, so discover how to maximise your eyes using volumising mascara.

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