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Fresh & Clean Scented Perfumes

Explore the range of fresh and clean perfumes by Lancôme Australia. Indulge in a crisp, invigorating scent for the perfect pick-me-up.



(3 products)
(3 products)
La Nuit Tresor

La Nuit Trésor

Poetic - Irresistible - Embracing

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Tresor Midnight Rose

Trésor Midnight Rose


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Tresor Eau de Parfum

Trésor Eau de Parfum


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What is a fresh perfume?

A fresh perfume is generally made up of three main elements - water notes, citrus notes, and green notes. Water-based fragrances include aquatic notes like sea spray, citrus-based fragrances are generally formulated with bergamot, lemon and mandarin, and green fragrances often contain notes of herbs and leaves such as rosemary, lavender or basil. Fresh perfumes are energizing and refreshing, reminiscent of early morning sea breezes or a walk amongst nature.

Which Lancôme perfumes are considered ‘fresh’?

Lancôme Australia’s range of fresh perfume scents caters to every woman, for any occasion. For a clean smelling perfume with notes of spotless, delicate jasmine flower, discover Idôle. This fresh perfume reveals a clean, intense softness that opens new horizons. For a captivating and seductive fragrance with notes of pink pepper and musk, discover Trésor Midnight Rose. Or, indulge in one of the best clean perfumes in Australia, the radiant Trésor In Love. Enjoy notes of bergamot and cedarwood in a scent that evokes the spirit and the spontaneity of the first love.

How to keep your perfume fresh for longer

  1. Apply after showering. Eau de Parfums are better absorbed by the skin when our pores are open.
  2. Moisturise your skin. If your skin is dry, the top notes are likely to evaporate more quickly.
  3. Apply to pulse points. Spritz or dab your perfume to the inner wrists, behind the earlobe or even in the inner elbow crease. These warmer spots help to naturally diffuse the scent.
  4. Remember to dab, not rub. Rubbing perfume causes friction which can heat up the molecules and change the scent, as well as make the top notes evaporate more quickly.
  5. Once finished applying, always store your fresh perfume in a cool, dry place with the lid on to ensure longevity.

Not looking for a clean perfume?

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