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Makeup: The Ultimate Guide

Lancôme’s iconic makeup essentials create signature looks for any occasion. Whether you’re creating a dewy, natural base or bold and alluring eyes, discover how to apply makeup with expert-approved tips.

Types of Makeup

The fundamentals of makeup are each as important as each other. From base coverage to lip colours and eye makeup, the order and placement of products makes for successful makeup looks. See our bespoke formulas and how to do makeup like a professional.

Eye Makeup Guides

Eyes are central to stunning makeup looks. From doe-eyed to dangerous, makeup trends have much to do with this area of the face. See how to do eye makeup for perfect results.

Face Makeup Guides

Foundation and concealer are the starting point of all face makeup. Whether you choose sheer or full coverage foundation, this sets the tone for the rest of your products to follow.

Lip Makeup Guides

Makeup looks aren’t complete without a lip. Whether a deep matte red or a natural and plumping gloss, our luxe range of lip makeup offers a perfect fit. See how to achieve long-stay lips below.

Celebrity Makeup Looks & Tutorials

Learn from celebrity makeup artists on how to achieve the perfect makeup look, worn by all of your favourite celebrities. Discover makeup tutorials from the meta gala and more.

Da’Vine Joy Randolph Oscar's Makeup Tutorial By Sheika Daley

Da’Vine’s Oscar look was inspired by Mae West. She really wanted to channel that old Hollywood glamor. We wanted her to glow and shine bright while lighting up Tinseltown. Get the full tutorial now.

Lily Collins Met Gala Makeup: Look by Fiona Stiles

Lily Collins went to the 2023 Met Gala with Vera Wang and an iconic Lancôme makeup look. Her black and white dress called for an elegant makeup look, one that’s elevated and timeless.

Emma Chamberlain's Met Gala Makeup: Look by Kelsey Deenihan

It’s all about a nod to the legendary Karl Lagerfeld and the late 90’s with Emma’s Met Gala look. Her fabulous structured two-piece and matching headband are a bit more polished, so we wanted to compliment and balance that with deeper, more edgy makeup. We decided to go with a 90’s brown lip and a rough, blue smokey eye to complete the look.

Amanda Seyfried's Met Gala Makeup: Look by Genevieve Herr

Inspired by Karl Lagerfeld’s designs for Chloe in the 70s; the big curly hair of the time, the deeply saturated lip, and smokey eyes with a modern twist of color instead of black & very little blush makes the perfect look.

How To Choose the Perfect Foundation

Discover how to choose face makeup for skin tone and undertone, alongside your coverage preference.

Which Mascara is Best For Your Lashes?

After volume, length, or want to maximise both? See which mascara eye makeup to choose for your lashes.

How To Choose The Right Lipstick Shade

Read our makeup guide on picking lipstick shades for skin tone and undertone.

A Guide to Concealer Application

Concealer brightens, blurs and hides imperfections like discolouration and blemishes. See how to apply this essential makeup product.

Find The Best Mascara for Straight Lashes

Lashes come in all shapes and sizes, so application is key. For big, bold eyes, see how to apply makeup onto straight lashes.

The Ultimate Guide To Lipstick Guides

Don't settle for mediocre lips. Next-generation, luxury lip makeup comes in a wide range of finishes. Discover them all in this guide.

How To Apply Makeup

The right makeup application helps your products to sit on skin beautifully and remain throughout the day. Step-by-step, see how to do makeup so that the finished result is flawless, every time.

How To Apply Face Makeup

Whatever coverage you choose, face makeup benefits from the correct application.


The first step of every makeup routine, foundation should be matched to skin tone alongside skin type.

Pro tip: Makeup tools like brushes and sponges help buff product properly into skin.


Your concealer should be one tone lighter than your skin tone, for a brightened complexion.

Pro tip: Use ‘pin-drop’ amounts to start and build as necessary.

Blush & bronzer

To shape your face, blush and bronzer can be utilised in an array of ways.

Pro tip: Apply each product depending on the areas you want to highlight.

Highlighter & contour

Brightening, shaping and evening, highlighter and contour are the ultimate ‘perfecting products’.

Pro tip: Play around with placement, to discover the angles you want.

How To Apply Eye Makeup

To accentuate this area and blend colours for beautiful results, we show how to do eye makeup to perfection.


Mascara is the finishing touch in eye makeup.

Pro tip: Begin at the bottom of lashes and slowly work product up.

Eyebrow makeup

Lengthen, thicken and extend brows with eyebrow makeup matched to your colour.

Pro tip: Dot each section of your brows with a brow pencil to create a path for application.


Eye makeup is underpinned by eyeshadow application.

Pro tip: Take time blending each shade for the best result.

Eye liner

Eye liner accentuates the eye shape and can be subtle or statement.

Pro tip: Outline your shape beforehand.

How To Apply Lip Makeup

Whatever your lip look, following the right steps will ensure a long-lasting finish.


For a gorgeous shape, use your lipstick from the centre and work your way to the edge.

Pro tip: Liner helps to lock in colour for all-day stay.

Lip gloss

Plumping, hydrating and reflective, lip gloss adds to any makeup look.

Pro tip: Hydrate lips with balm beforehand for all-day wear.

Lip liner

A forever makeup trend, lip liner works best when matched to lipstick or a shade darker.

Pro tip: Go two shades darker for a 90s look.

Discover Makeup Products

For radiant complexions and eye-turning looks, explore Lancôme’s luxurious makeup.

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