The skin's Microbiome refers to the living ecosystem of microbes (microorganisms) found on the skin. These microbes are responsible for protecting the skin and promoting a healthy and balanced skin barrier. Lancôme's Genifique skincare range helps rebalance & replenish the Microbiome present on your skin through its innovative science & formulation. Discover Lancôme's range of Microbiome skin care products now for stronger, younger looking skin.

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Advanced Génifique

Face Serum - Anti-Aging - Pre & Probiotic Fractions
7 ml - 115 ml
4.6/5 (27224)

From A$25.00

Advanced Génifique Eye Cream

Eye Cream - Anti-Ageing - Gel Cream Formula
15 ml
4.6/5 (721)



Advanced Génifique Light Pearl Youth Activating Eye & Lash Concentrate

Eye & Lash Serum - Brightening - Youth-Activating
20 ml
4.7/5 (479)


Advanced Génifique Hydrogel Melting Mask

28g (1 sheet mask) - 112g (4 sheet masks)
4.7/5 (452)

From A$30.00