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To understand the best mascara for short lashes, or the ideal volumising mascara for thin lashes, this guide will help you find the right formula and type.

Which Mascara is Best for Your Lashes?

It feels like there’s a never-ending number of lash mascara options, so you’d be forgiven for becoming overwhelmed and grabbing any old mascara to help enhance your lash line. However, taking the time to figure out which mascara is best for you will achieve much better results.

Whether you’re after volume, length, a combination of the two or even a waterproof formula, the Lancôme beauty experts have you covered.

We’ve created this comprehensive guide to non-clumping mascara of all types, breaking down the benefits of each mascara type. Read on for an enhanced understanding of the best mascara for volume, short lashes, thinning lashes and more.

Types Of Lashes

Identifying your lashes

Before we delve into the different mascara types, it’s worth noting whether your lashes are typically longer, shorter or falling. If you’ve been wondering ‘why are my eyelashes short?’ – this could be caused by a range of different factors including genetics or prior treatment. The good news is, knowing how to choose the right mascara for your lash type will add the precise level of definition, length and volume you need.

Short lashes: The best mascara for short lashes will include a thinner wand with compact bristles to catch every lash. An angled brush will also ensure lashes are coated from root to tip with more of a curl. Try our Grandiose Mascara and watch the patent-pending Swan-Neck brush create a fan effect.

Thinning lashes: If your natural lashes are falling or sparse, you’ll want to look for a strengthening and lightweight formula to create volume while avoiding weighing down your lashes.

Straight lashes: An eyelash curler is the first step for boosting straight lashes, followed by a primer. You’ll then need a mascara that lengthens and lifts each lash separately like our Hypnôse Drama Mascara.

Long lashes: look for a lengthening mascara that will give you the effect of sky-high lashes and a full-bodied look.

The different types of mascara

Every form of mascara works to coat lashes and is usually made using a mixture of water, waxes, oils, and pigments. This type of formula allows each lash to look longer, more defined and volumised. However, there are a range of different components when it comes to mascara types, which can help you achieve varied results and levels of staying power. Read on for a detailed look into the best mascaras for length and added wear.

Non-Clumping mascara

As the name suggests, non-clumping mascara aims to avoid clumps of wax and pigment that can be left behind on your eyelashes upon application. A good non-clumping mascara will tend to treat your lashes individually, separating and lifting them rather than drawing them together. Most mascaras aim to be non-clumping, even if their intention is to make lashes look fuller. No matter your lash type -short, long, thin or falling – a non-clumping mascara is always a good idea for comfortable, long-lasting wear.

Volumising mascara

If you have thin or sparse lashes, you’ll want to look for a mascara that emphasises volume, such as the Lash Idôle Volumising Mascara, which targets every single lash for instantly fuller, lifted eyelashes. This volumising mascara provides lifted, fanned out volume and renders a brilliant eye-opening effect.  Volumising mascara also works to darken and curl your lashes for a more dramatic effect.

Long-wear mascara

It can be frustrating when your makeup doesn’t last all day, and this includes your mascara. Long-wear mascara aims to keep your lashes thick and glossy for hours on end. Lancôme Hypnôse Mascara features an exclusive SoftSculpt formula alongside a patented powerful brush, which helps to build up to six times more volume for truly hypnotic eyes.

This type of mascara can be a little trickier to remove, due to a formulation that focuses on staying power. Thankfully, applying ourBi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover can help to remove stubborn eye makeup.

Lengthening mascara

How does lengthening mascara work? This type of mascara often uses specially designed wands to achieve a dramatic, lengthening effect. With the right lengthening mascara in hand, you’ll challenge even false lashes, as they contain short synthetic fibres that serve to add more length to your eyelashes. A lengthening mascara such as our Hypnôse Volume-A-Porter Mascara, will evenly coat your lashes whilst ideally encouraging them to curl, further accentuating your eyelashes.

Waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascara remains an ideal option for warm occasions and even sporadic weather – as it can adhere to lashes regardless of the environment and remains smudge-proof. The best waterproof mascara usually contains selective ingredients that work to keep the lashes soft and smooth, without a drying effect.

Our Hypnôse Waterproof Volume Mascara is a buildable volume mascara that can last up to 16 hours with increased lash volume. The formula consists of emollient waxes to ensure lashes are soft and application is controlled.

Different Types Of Mascara

Eyelash primer remains key

Once you have chosen your ideal mascara type, you can’t forget about priming and lash care. Just as you would do before applying foundation, the same goes for mascara. Our Cils Booster XL Lash Primer helps to protect lashes while enhancing colour. This application also provides lashes with more of a curved shape with added length.

For application, eyelash primer only requires two steps. All you need to do is apply the primer in the same manner as a mascara, allow to dry, and then apply your chosen mascara over the top.

Looking to perfect your overall look? Here’s how to find the perfect foundation for you, according to our beauty experts.


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