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Spark love this Valentine's Day with a flawless romantic makeup tutorial. Add to the romance all day and night with an elegant longwear look. Learn how here.

Valentine's Day Makeup

Whether you’ve booked a candlelit table or have a romantic night planned at home, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to achieve a romantic makeup look. Where regular days might not allow for as much personal expression, Valentine’s Day makeup looks are varied and versatile – think colourful, minimal, or seductive.

From soft pink hues to bolder smokey eye makeup tutorials, we’ve compiled current trending Valentine’s Day makeup ideas to spark love with. Makeup for Valentine’s Day is all about hinting towards moods – to find yours, read ahead.

Makeup for Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re going for complex or simple Valentine’s Day makeup, we suggest planning ahead a little. A supportive skincare routine will ensure your complexion is naturally rosy, before applying your choice of makeup looks. For supple skin and a romantic glow, follow these luxe makeup tutorials. 

Makeup for valentines day look

1. Prep healthy skin

Flawless makeup looks require a properly prepped base. Primer ensures your romantic makeup won't settle or fade, while also evening the surface of skin so that makeup glides on and blends well. Aside from makeup, this hero product also helps to improve your natural complexion.

Our primers provides a long-lasting matte finish that refines skin texture and minimizes the appearance of pores to help improve foundation wear and control shine all day.

2. Start with your base

True to its name, foundation is your starting makeup base. For Valentine’s Day makeup looks we recommend allowing your natural glow to shine through. This means neutral hues for those with lighter skin tones and a warmer hue for those with a darker tone. Opt for our Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation – 45 shades provide full-to-medium coverage in your exact tone.

When applying makeup for Valentine’s Day, begin by dabbing the foundation lightly into your skin with a makeup sponge or dual-end foundation brush. This will ensure your foundation sits on your skin properly, without any signs of streaks.

3. Follow with concealer

Concealer provides additional coverage under your eyes, helping to reduce the appearance of dark circles, blemishes or slight puffiness. Our Effacernes Long Lasting Concealer is suitable for all skin types and works to complete your base, with added luminosity to brighten your complexion.

Use a brush to apply the product beneath your eyes and gently tap it in with your ring finger or damp makeup sponge. We recommend applying concealer after your foundation, as it helps the product to sit on skin better.  

4. Bronze, blush and highlight

Starting with bronzer, this aspect helps Valentine’s Day makeup looks to appear defined, sculpted and contoured. Our experts makeup tutorials suggest adding bronzer to the hollow of your cheeks, just below the cheekbone and along your jawline with a brush of your choice. Belle De Teint Powder Bronzer works to accentuate your natural features with a glowing and lightweight formula.

Brush follows to create a healthy, glowing look that both effortlessly enhances your complexion and helps to keep you looking naturally flushed. To achieve romantic makeup hues, gently sweep Blush Subtil just above the bronzer on the apples of your cheeks and towards your outer eye.

Finishing up with highlighter will help to soften and enhance cute Valentine’s Day makeup looks. Apply Teint Idole Ultra Wear Highlighter Stick in circular motions directly on the cheekbones before sweeping along the middle of your nose, cupid's bow, inner eye, and above the brow to complete that jaw-dropping look.

5. Apply your eyeshadow look

Valentine’s Day eye makeup looks can be subtle or sexy. Hypnose Eye Shadow Palette comes in a range of natural and dramatic shades to compliment the rest of your look. For a bolder option, start with a light base on your lids and blend outward with a darker tone to accentuate your eyes. To achieve a smokey eye,

bring the brush all the way up to your brow bone, or you can stop at the crease of your eye for a more pared back look. You can use darker shades as you work in the creases of your eyes and rimming your lash lines.

Mascara for Valentine's Day Look

6. Select your mascara

Our range of mascara’s provide achieve all Valentine Day eye makeup looks – from doe eyes to vixen. We suggest placing the mascara wand just underneath your top eyelashes, and carefully blink onto the mascara wand. This method is great for those who have a hard time not blinking while applying mascara.

7. Finish with setting spray or powder

To ensure your makeup lasts as long as you need it to, use a setting spray or powder to help preserve colour while leaving the skin soft and comfortable. For whichever Valentine’s Day makeup tutorial you follow, take your time and always aim to accentuate natural features. Your mood is up to you – so discover the products that help you to feel yourself.

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