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There are a range of lipstick types, from matte lipstick to liquid. Learn about their features and the difference between them, as well as the best lipstick for you.

How to Choose the Right Lipstick Type

Your shade of lipstick can vary the mood and expression of your makeup look – rouge is sophisticated and sultry, and nude tones of browns and pinks speak to a softer femininity. Different lipstick types also enhance each style in varied and updated ways.

Our range of lipstick finishes colour lips with a variety of textures and pigments, for updated and well-loved stylings. A moisturising, high shine lipstick may suit day wear, before transitioning to a deeper matte lipstick for evening. To broaden your style, learn the key differences between finishes like cream and liquid lipstick.

If you’re wondering ‘what lipstick suits me’, this guide helps you to understand the visual and textural ranges between our luxury formulas. Read through to understand how lipstick benefits more than just your look, and the best way to apply it for a seamless, perfect wear.     

Benefits of lipstick

A new lipstick can transform and update makeup looks for fresh appeal and style. However, the benefits of a brilliant red lip go further than radiant beauty. The skin around our lips, along with the area around the eyes are especially sensitive and a prone to dehydration. For best results and full, soft lips, our moisturising lipsticks are enriched with supportive formulas. The inclusion of skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid, oils and moisturising rose balm hydrate and moisturise lips.


Choosing between lipstick types

Your lipstick wardrobe may be minimal or extensive – but including a variety of lipstick finishes means that you can benefit from the unique features of each. All our range include long lasting lipstick – so choosing between finishes is your only consideration. To understand each of our lipstick types, read on.

Choose Lipstick Type

Matte lipstick


The perfect balance of bold and sophisticated, our matte lipstick is an essential lip finish with a cult-following. The high-pigmentation and intensity of colour is shown through a powdery, matte finish. Instead of using shine to promote colour, matte lipsticks likeL’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte Lipstick show pure tones without reflection, so that your lips are always even and smooth. When applying our comfortable-wear matte lipstick, outline lips with a matte lip liner like the waterproof Lip Liner before gliding the product over lips and blotting on tissue to end.


Liquid lipstick


On the opposite spectrum to matte is liquid lipstick. High shine but versatile, liquid lipsticks can convey a range of moods and styles depending on the tone that you opt for and the coats you apply. The most light reflective of the different lipstick types, liquid lipstick can be used to define lips and stand out, or accompany highlighters and liquid eye shadow for an overall dewy, sultry look. Our longwear liquid formulas like L’Absolu Lacquer Liquid Lipstick have a lightweight texture that provides eight hours of hydrated, healthy lips. To wear liquid lipgloss, apply once for a dewy, natural finish, two coats for lacquered shine and colour and three for dramatic colour and shine impact.


Cream lipstick


A well-loved and universal go-to, cream lipstick strikes the perfect balance of comfort and vibrancy of colour. Cream lipsticks offer luminosity but without the high shine of glosses, making them a radiant and adaptable addition to any makeup look. Our iconic cream formulas like that in L’Absolu Rouge Cream Lipstick are infused with 30% moisturising rose balm, a blend of hyaluronic acid and nourishing oils, to support rich pigments and hydrate lips for up to 18 hours. To apply a cream lipstick, sweep on from the centre of your upper lip outwards, following with your bottom lip.


Moisturising lipstick


The ultimate blend of balm and pigment, moisturising lipstick help to soften and moisturise, by absorbing in the surface layers of lips. Enriched with an oil base, moisturising lipstick have a juicy texture that glide on easily for perfect application every time. The inclusion of moisturising molecule Pro-Xylane™ in L’Absolu Mademoiselle Shine Moisturising Lipstick can help to improve the health of lips in four weeks. Application of moisturising lipstick is as simple as swiping across lips. We suggest pairing your tone with a cheek colour to enhance the look.


Sheer lipstick


A perfect daily-wear option, sheer lipstick can be muted and minimal or brighter, depending on your preference. A classic formula, this style of lipstick moisturises lips whilst depositing rich, longwearing colour. If you’re still wondering ‘which lipstick suits me?’, a sheer lipstick is a beautiful addition to any makeup look. Opt for L’Absolu Rouge Sheer for stay-true colour that can be worn across both day and night. Our modern inclusion of vitamin E ensures that lips stay protected and nourished.  

Apply lipstick in your routine

Where to apply lipstick in your routine

Lipstick, no matter the type, is worn best on nourished and renewed lips. After applying your skincare routine, make sure to replenish vitality to lips before applying your cream or matte lipstick by exfoliating dead skin cells away. After that apply any of our lip colours and finishes alongside your makeup look for an outstanding result that stays with you all day.

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