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Learn the story behind the sun-kissed and summer scented Idôle Eau de Parfum, and how to choose and navigate the perfect summer scent. Read our guide.

The Best Summer Fragrance Scents

As the weather gets warmer, the search begins for the perfect fragrance which captures the essence of summer. Finding the right perfume can either be an instantly successful task, or it can be a little bit more complicated. This is especially true when it comes to finding long lasting summer fragrances for her, since summer scents need to find a delicate balance of freshness and warmth.

One thing that can help you choose the perfect women’s perfume this summer is knowing the different types of summer scents and understanding their notes and the stories behind them. Keep reading to learn about the unique characteristics of the best summer scents, with fragrance expertise from the experts at Lancôme.

Summer perfume to last longer

What makes a summer perfume?

Wearing a gorgeous scent can be a huge part of your life evoking memories and mood, especially when your fragrance aligns with the season. So, what characterises the best summer scents? Depending on your own personality and story, your perfect scent might be crisp and breezy, or it could be sweet and warm. The best summer scents conjure images of a carefree January day spent outdoors.

However, there are also practical matters involved in a quality summer perfume. Warm weather means your scent can dissipate more quickly and project further, so you’ll want to ensure you choose a long-lasting summer perfume with clean, refreshing notes fit to fill a room.

Discover the summer scent types

Categorising fragrances into the most desirable scent types helps you choose the best summer perfumes to match your unique identity. Here are some of the best olfactory options for the sunny season.

Floral scents:  This type of summer perfume for women includes classic bloom-inspired notes for a light, feminine scent. Typical notes in floral perfumes include white florals like jasmine, tuberose and gardenia. Floral scents are also often imbued with combinations of classic rose.

Aquatic scents:  Put simply, summer perfumes with aquatic notes evoke a day on the beach. Think clean air, watery notes, toasty sand and even a touch of seaweed. These notes are achieved with the likes of coriander, woods and dewy florals.

Citrus scents: Citrus scents work well as head notes in a summer perfume because of their bright, refreshing quality. These zesty summer scents hit your nose like a cool breeze and they include lemon, mandarin, bergamot and lemongrass. This category can also cover fresh, fruity scents like lychee.

Understanding the different perfume notes

Long lasting summer fragrances for women progress through a series of distinct notes during wear. Let’s break down how summer scents evolve throughout the day.

Top notes:  Top notes tend to feature lighter scents like citrus or florals. These are the scents that are immediately apparent when you spritz your summer perfume. Approximately 15 minutes into your wear, the top notes will begin to morph into the next phase of your perfume.

Heart notes:  As per the name, these notes form the ‘heart’ of the perfume. Heart notes are typically a little warmer than the top notes, bringing a fullness to your summer scent. These notes will transition into the perfume’s final phase after approximately an hour.

Base notes:  Base notes are the final stage of your summer scent, lingering for hours on your skin. These tend to be the heaviest notes in a perfume, but their presence can also be subtle.

Lancôme summer perfume for women

Lancôme is here to help you choose the perfect personalised summer scent. Read about our favourite scents to help you find your long-lasting summer perfume match.

Idôle Eau De Parfum

Idôle Eau De Parfum by Lancôme is a scent for a new generation of conquering women. This rose, jasmine and chypre fragrance is made by women, for women. Four types of roses, three types of extractions and two geographic origins create a radiant, clean and youthful tope note. Sensual Absolute Jasmine oil adds a creamy softness, while white chypre brings an exceptional lingering scent.

Beyond its incredible story and olfactory experience, sustainably sourced ingredients mean Idôle is an environmentally responsible fragrance.

Idole Eau De Parfum

Miracle Eau De Parfum

Miracle Eau De Parfum opens with sparkling lychee and freesia. Its heart is spiced with ginger, pepper and jasmine, leading to a warm base of amber and musk. This combination of fresh and fruity top notes and warming base notes smells like a sweet summer breeze feels.

Long lasting summer fragrance perfume

Miracle Blossom Eau De Parfum

Miracle Blossom Eau De Parfum is the incarnation of modern and delicate femininity. As a delicate fruity floral, this long-lasting summer fragrance for her is like a walk through a spring garden. If you gravitate towards fresh notes like Essence of Mandarine and Granny Smith, this delicate scent might be your summer match.

Now that you’ve developed your summer scent expertise, maybe it’s time to learn more about the science of skincare. Read our guide to The Benefits of Prebiotic & Probiotic Skincare to keep learning.


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