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The Future of Skin Clarity is in Enzyme Science

When enzymes are used on skin, there's major regenerative potential. For skin clarity, read our guide to enzymes and how you can use them in your daily routine.

The Future of Skin Clarity

Millions of women around the world rely on Lancôme’s extensive research and legacy of pushing boundaries to help you achieve the flawless skin you deserve.

With a new era of skincare has come a new ideal: skin clarity. Going beyond brightening, those who achieve skin clarity boast a complexion that’s healthy, clear, bright and glowing.

The key to clarity is unlocked by enzyme science, as seen in our cutting edge Clarifique range. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about how to get clear skin with Lancôme Clarifique.

Clarifying skincare based on 30 years of research

Lancôme has always looked ahead when it comes to the science of skincare. We saw the future of skincare long ago and set out to explore the fascinating link between enzymes and skin brightening. We appreciated that enzymes are inherently linked to the quality of your complexion, which is why we’ve conducted no less than 30 years of rigorous research on the skincare potential of enzymes.

The result? 13 patents, 113 international publications and a reputation for scientific excellence in skincare.

Enzymes In Skincare

The power of enzymes in skincare

Enzymes are a story as old as earth itself. They hit the accelerator on biochemical reactions, speeding up processing in the body by providing alternative pathways that are also more efficient. Enzymes are also recyclable – a picture of sustainable beauty.

We leverage enzymes as skincare ingredients at optimal concentration, PH, hydration levels and temperature to maximise their topical potential. At Lancôme, we use green science to intensify the potency of our delicately sourced enzymes. Our enzymes are derived from a precious vegetal pearl: French Beech Buds, also known as the ‘forever young tree’. We’re proud to source our powerful enzymes from a renewable organic source.

Unlock skin clarity with our Dual Essence

Our Clarifique Dual Essence is the centrepiece of our clear skin regime. This pioneering essence gets its name from the bespoke bi-phase formula.

Experience two essences blended in perfect harmony by shaking the bottle, thanks to the exclusively patented whisk. Witness the ultimate skin clarifying formula come together in real time, ready to penetrate your skin and help regulate advanced biological functions.

Your skin radiance will be enhanced as the Dual Essence aids in desquamation. By eliminating dead skin cells, you skin surface becomes smoother and reflects light more optimally. This creates a glowing complexion and improves the overall tone of your skin.

The power of enzymes doesn’t end at desquamation. They also unlock diverse natural moisturising factors for maximal skin hydration. Lastly, they can even help regenerate the epidermis, the outermost layer of your skin. This creates stronger, more resilient skin.

How Clarifique can benefit your skin

So what does ultimate skin clarity with our Clarifique Dual Essence look like? Skin is 3% more refined and 24% more homogenous in just four weeks. Pores are 13% less visible.

The numbers are impressive, but what does this actually look like? Skin clarity with our Dual Essence means bright skin with a pure, translucent aura. Your skin will be newly plumped with an ultra-reflective surface rendering any remaining uneven skin tone or texture almost invisible.

Where Clarifique fits in your skincare routine

If skin clarity is the new skin ambition, enzyme science is the pathway. Learn how to have clear skin by integrating our Clarifique range into your daily skincare routine. By following our expertly curated routine, you can achieve a complexion that’s soft to touch, replenished from within and unmistakably bright every day of the year.

Clarifique Cleansing Foam

Begin your brightening skincare routine with a facial cleanser developed with enzyme science. Allow the French beech bud extract in our Clarifique Cleansing Foam to refine your pores and resurface your skin as you gently lather and rinse.

Facial Cleanser

Clarifique Dual Essence

Now your skin is free of impurities, it can act as a blank canvas ready to absorb potent serum ingredients. Enter our Clarifique Dual Essence. Shake the bottle before smoothing a few drops of this clarifying essence onto your skin. The low molecular weight of this formula will help the potent enzymes penetrate deep within your skin to do their work.

Brightening Facial Essence

Clarifique Spot Eraser

You likely have certain spots or areas within your complexion that could do with extra attention when it comes to darkness or discolouration. Follow up with our Clarifique Spot Eraser on these areas for an extra infusion of French beech bud extract, known to accelerate skin's natural cycle of renewal and target excess melanin. Apply as needed on dark spots, or across the whole face to aid homogeneity.

Clarifique Spot Eraser

Clarifique Milky Day Cream

Sealing in your skincare with a day cream is essential, but you should choose one that’s doing more work than simply moisturising. Combine hydration and clarification with our Clarifique Milky Day Cream, powered by Vitamin C derivative and Niacinamide. Apply a pea sized amount and gently massage into the entire face and neck using a circular motion.

Clarifique Milky Day Cream

Clarifique Watery Emulsion

Finalise your journey towards skin clarity with our Clarifique Watery Emulsion. This rebalancing emulsion helps reinforce all the clarifying ingredients you’ve just carefully applied, with an extra dose of enzymes for enhanced brightening effect. To apply, gently spread a pea sized amount over your face and decolletage.

Brightening Skin Emulsion

Now that you know how to brighten skin, learn How to Effectively Unclog Pores in our next article!


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