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A Guide to Longwear Foundation

Longwear foundation has a range of benefits that extend beyond all-day wear. Click through to understand more about them and the best longwear foundation for you.

A Guide To The Best Longwear Foundation

When applying foundation in the morning, you may find that your coverage is fading, or even sliding off towards the end of the day. If you struggle with this, the key to all day wear is in understanding which type of longwear foundation your skin needs.

Long-lasting foundations work to remain on the skin for a longer period, with some able to last a full twenty-four hours with minimal touch-ups.

What makes longwear foundation last so long?

When it comes to long lasting, full coverage foundation, the key is the ingredients included in each formula. Most longwear foundations include ingredients such as perlite, which is selected in order to absorb moisture without hindering the skin’s ability to breathe. The best longwear foundation will also contain minimal oil, as the more oil a foundation contains the more likely it is to fade with time.

Longwear foundation also contains a combination of water and polymers. Although this can be drying for some skin types, this blend allows the foundation to adhere to the skin with much better success. Other ingredients to look out for include isododecane, which enhances spreadability and maintains a lightweight feel and isopropyl titanium triisost­earate for uniform cover.

What types of longwear foundation are there?

As skin types differ, a number of longwear foundation products have been formulated in order to perform best according to different skin types. This includes long lasting foundation for oily, dry and sensitive skin types, as well as waterproof foundations and dewy and matte finishes.

Long-lasting foundations are typically found in two forms: liquid foundation, such as Teint Idole Ultra Wear and compact foundation, such as Absolue Cushion Compact Foundation.

Longwear Foundation for a natural matte finish

Whether looking for a new everyday foundation or seeking the perfect coverage for a night out, a natural soft matte foundation can be a great option. When looking for a longwear matte foundation, it’s essential to ensure you find an option that provides 24-Hour coverage that doesn’t cake or give off a powdery look. Not sure where to start looking? Our iconic Teint Idole Ultra 24-Hour Long Wear Foundation is perfect for creating that soft matte look – effortlessly blending over the skin for a transfer-resistant and long-lasting finish. Colour stays fresh all day without oxidizing or fading, leaving you with a flawless finish all day.

Suitable for all skin types this longwear foundation is oil-free and non-comedogenic, being formulated with Perlite and Silica. This makes it a great option for those seeking a matte foundation that can be effective when it comes to oil absorption.

Longwear Foundation for a natural glow finish

Not feeling your matte foundation and looking to opt for a more radiant and glowy alternative? Longwear Glow Foundation’s are the perfect option for you. Known to help enhance your natural glow, this type of foundation can be the perfect hero for your makeup bag. Just remember to choose one that is buildable, transfer-free and formulated with caring ingredients.

Looking for the best longwear glow foundation for a natural finish? Try our Teint Idole Care & Glow Foundation. Infused with a hydrating serum and SPF, Care & Glow delivers a glowing finish that creates the look of naturally luminous skin. With a buildable medium coverage and transfer-resistant shades, you can create your desired coverage from light to medium coverage for a fresh glow that lasts without transferring.

Matte Longwear Foundation Shade Range

What are the benefits of longwear foundation?

Longwear foundation differs from regular foundation in a number of ways. While the latter is usually intended to be worn for shorter periods of time, this type of foundation holds staying power and coverage for the entirety of the day.

They are long-lasting

Obviously the main appeal of longwear foundation is that they remain on the skin for much longer than other foundations. Lasting anywhere from 12 to 2 hours, these foundation types look better for longer, with fewer touch-ups throughout the day.

They are smudge-free and transfer-free

In a time where masks are recommended for health, it’s worth mentioning that longwear foundations are formulated to be smudge-free – meaning that your foundation will continue to look smooth, even if your clothing is rubbing against it. They are also far less likely to be transferred onto clothes – promising not to budge.

They are great at covering blemishes

Due to their active ingredients, longwear foundations adhere to the skin and provide uniform coverage – something that a regular foundation may not be able to do. Some types are also buildable, making it much easier to create an even complexion.

How to apply longwear foundation

Application is the key to flawless foundation. If you’re not sure how to achieve perfect coverage, we’ve broken down each step below.

Longwear Foundation Before and After Model Image

Start with a healthy base

No matter what your choice of foundation may be, preparing your skin prior to its application will always improve the overall finish. To do this, you can apply a mask to refresh and purify the skin. Hydration is also an important factor - if you have dry skin, you can benefit from the intense moisture of Rénergie Multi-Lift Day Cream Rich, while those with normal to combination skin types will find their skin soothed and hydrated by Hydra Zen Anti-Stress Moisturising Cream-Gel Day Cream. Ongoing use of other hydrating products, such as Tonique Confort, will provide further support of your skin’s natural hydration levels.

Add a primer to support your foundation

Primer is the perfect pairing for longwear foundation, acting to minimise pores and refine skin. Ideally, you want to avoid over-priming your face, and instead focus on hotspots such as the forehead, sides of nose and around the mouth. Prep & Hydrate provides 24-hour hydration while also illuminating the skin, whilst Prep & Matte provides a more matte finish to your primer.

When applying foundation, start at the centre and work outward

Start at the centre of the face and on your cheeks and gradually blend out. You may also want to focus on the area around the mouth if you are prone to yellow undertones or shadows here. If you have dry patches on your skin – such as at the corners of your nostrils – it is also best to avoid these areas, as they can cause your foundation to cling to dry skin.

Lily Collins How To Apply Longwear Foundation

Gently buff your foundation

Whether you are applying a compact longwear foundation such as Absolue Cushion Compact Foundation, or a liquid foundation such as Teint Idole Ultra Wear, it is always best to buff the foundation to your skin (such as with a foundation brush, a blending sponge or your fingers). This allows you to gradually build coverage and maintain a smooth finish.

Set it all in

To ensure that your longwear foundation lasts even longer while also controlling oil and shine, Translucent Loose Setting Powder is an excellent finisher. The weightless powder works to blur imperfections, improve the life of your foundation and preserve colour with a flawless finish.

Now that you know the benefits of longwear foundation, learn more about how to choose the perfect foundation for your skin.


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