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Luminous skin is harder to maintain in certain facial areas – with dark eye circles being a typically tricky area to brighten and boost. For those wondering how to get rid of dark eye circles, glow inducing skincare can help to improve dull or sunken under eye areas and enhance your entire complexion with youthful radiance.

Get rid of dark circles

To understand how to brighten dark circles around eyes, we walk through specialised steps that you can integrate into your routine. With targeted ingredients and products developed for the especially thin area of skin, you can improve the appearance of dark circles and promote an even and radiant complexion. Ahead, discover Lancôme’s luxurious range of dark circles cream and serums.

What causes dark circles under eyes?

Dark circles around the eyes are typically associated with tiredness, and while it’s true that a lack of sleep is a contributing factor, dullness can occur even when we’re well rested. Complexion changes can be the result of dehydration, stress, and even hormone changes, so small lifestyle adjustments can help to restore luminescence.

Alongside a healthy sleep cycle, anti-aging skincare can also support darkness around the eyes. As skin tends to thin with age dullness can be emphasised in thin areas of skin. Finally, genetics play a role in the appearance of skin, so it can be beneficial to implement skincare designed to target typically dull or lacklustre complexions.

How to get rid of dark eye circles in 4 steps

The key to unlocking luminescent skin in the eye area is to select skincare products formulated to address dark circles and dullness. In terms of how to improve dark circles around eyes, four skincare steps can make all the difference:

  1. Use targeted serums to brighten dull under eyes
  2. Address puffiness and fatigue with firming and energising moisturisers
  3. Use eye creams which aim to improve radiance and texture
  4. Illuminate skin under the eyes with a skin perfecting concealer.

Renew luminosity around the eyes by learning how to implement these four brightening steps into a skincare routine.

1. Brighten dark eye circles with targeted serums

Pampering the skin around the eyes with dose of brightening skincare is the first foundational step in improving dark circles. Expand your skincare routine with a radiance enhancing eye serum to improve the appearance of dull under eyes. Absolue L'extrait Yeux Eye Contour eye elixir aims to refresh skin under and around the eyes by softening dark circles and toning the eye contour. This nurturing balm-elixir formula is paired with a multi-faceted petal shaped applicator to provide a cooling effect as the awakening eye mask is massaged into the eye contours.

Absolute eye cream

2. Choose ingredients to address fatigue and puffiness

Lack of sleep can wreak havoc on complexions and lead to visible signs of fatigue, such as dullness or puffiness. While beauty sleep is fundamental to healthy complexions, particular skincare ingredients support dark eye circles to reveal brighter and more youthful skin. Advanced Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl targets puffiness by pairing the power of caffeine with a cooling stainless steel cryo-pearl applicator. Enriched with a unique blend of seven pre and pro-biotic factions, this youth-activating serum delivers essential nutrients to the skin and supports strengthened eyelashes when applied along the lash line.

3. Rejuvenate with dark circles eye cream

For those looking to support dullness around the eyes, a high-performance dark circles cream can make a visible and lasting difference. Expertly designed to improve firmness and support a lifted eye contour, Absolue Eye Cream has an indulgent formula enriched with millions of rose molecular fractions. The creamy texture feels luxurious on the skin while the hydrating formula encourages plumper, more radiant skin. After cleansing and applying serums, help reduce the appearance of dark eye circles by lightly massaging the Absolue Eye Cream into the eye contour morning and night.

Peptides for matured skin

4. Cover dark circles with cream concealer

Particular makeup techniques can correct dullness and improve the sunken appearance of dark eye circles. A luminescent concealer applied strategically to create the illusion of lift is key here. Infused with intensely hydrating water lily, the crease free formula of the Teint Idole Ultra Wear All Over Concealer provides breathable, long wear coverage ideal for the delicate eye area alongside skincare benefits. Starting at the eye’s outer corners, apply a small sweep of concealer, following the angle of the lower lash line. Then place a dot of the formula at the inner corners before blending everything upwards in a stippling motion using the Airbrush No2 Foundation & Concealer Brush.

Now that you’re armed with the skincare and makeup steps needed to reduce the appearance of dark eye circles, discover more ways to achieve complexion radiance with Lancôme’s must have skincare ingredients for glowing skin.


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