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Layering Multiple Skin Serums - A Super Serum Guide

Layering the right products together can do a lot to enhance your skincare routine, since your skin can benefit from the inclusion of multiple active ingredients. Serums are one of the most efficacious skincare steps – able to anti-age, brighten and hydrate complexions. Given how much these hero products protect and improve skin, how many serums should you use in a routine?

Your skin is unique – and depending on your skin type, concerns, and the daily stressors you encounter, the serum formulas you should layer will be individual to you.

Let’s deep dive into which serum ingredients to combine for your skin type, and answer common queries like ‘how many serums can I use?’ and ‘can I mix serums with sensitive skin?’

What is a serum, really?

Serums are a key step in any solid skincare routine, providing the skin with a concentrated amount of high-powered active ingredients. As one of the most rewarding steps in your skincare routine, serums are formulated to target specific skin concerns, such as wrinkles, fine lines, dullness or dryness.

For optimal results, we recommend incorporating serums into your skincare routine in the following order:

  • Step 1: Cleanser
  • Step 2: Toner
  • Step 3: Pre-Serum or Essence
  • Step 4: Active Serum
  • Step 5: Moisturiser
  • Step 6: Sun Protection

How many serums should I use?

While they do have separate functions, skincare ingredients are team players. When combined correctly, components like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and vitamin C can actually strengthen each other’s individual benefits. Layering multiple serums together helps to ensure that your skincare routine can work as effectively as possible.

Gentle ingredients like hyaluronic acid or pre & pro-biotic fractions can ensure skin’s hydration while you’re implementing these active ingredients. Likewise, ingredients with independent benefits can work together to form an effective single focus routine – such as targeting signs of aging or evening skin tone. The best way to think about steps in a skincare routine is as building blocks – which work together to create a unified result. The process of ‘layering’ serums can get the most out of your morning and evening routine.

How many serums is too many?

With so much potential to serum layering, you’re probably wondering ‘how many serums can I use at once?’ The number of serums you should combine will depend on the outcome you’re after and therefore the ingredients required.

A general rule of thumb is to layer 2-3 serums. This ensures skin doesn’t become overwhelmed and gives each formula the space to absorb properly. However – as mentioned above, all skin is unique. Some skin concerns could benefit from up to 5 serums, if heightened moisture, protection and firming for example is needed. A good approach is to combine the formulas that are beneficial to you and monitor how they interact.

Using Multiple Serums

To make choosing your serum layers easy, we’ve broken down the benefits and interactions of skin-boosting ingredients. See how to apply multiple serums depending on your skincare goals below. .

Pre & Pro-Biotic Fractions: To help rebalance the skin’s microbiome

Well-suited to even the most sensitive skin, pre & probiotic fractions are essential to skin strength, providing an essential source of nutrients and an ideal environment for the skin microbiome, balancing and strengthening it. They can be combined with virtually every other ingredient. When the microbiome is strengthened, the skin moisture barrier is protected and resistance to external stress is increased. Those with dry skin, mature skin and sensitive skin can especially benefit from probiotic-infused serums like our #1 formula Advanced Génifique. Read our guide on How to Apply Advanced Génifique to learn more.

Vitamin C: Brightening Antioxidant Visibly Reduces Dark Spots

As an antioxidant, vitamin C is a potent protector of skin. Vitamin C works to address oxidisation, which comes about after exposure to stressors like pollution and UV radiation. When oxidisation occurs, skin cells break down, leading to aging signs in skin, dullness, dryness and discolouration. Vitamin C both protects against future oxidisation and targets visible skin stress. Because of its potency, combining vitamin C-infused serums like Rénergie H.C.F Triple Serum with hydrating properties like probiotics and hyaluronic acid can amplify those benefits.

Hyaluronic acid: Hydrates and Plumps the Skin

One of the most hydrating and gentle ingredients in skincare, hyaluronic acid already exists within skin. Because of this high compatibility, its inclusion within skincare layering will only promote skin’s natural strength. A sugar molecule that can hold up to 1000x its weight in water, hyaluronic acid plumps and hydrates skin, while binding collagen which firms and keeps skin’s structure. This ingredient decreases as we age – so those using multiple serums for anti-aging, hydrating or brightening benefits can include hyaluronic acid serums like Advanced Génifique.

Ferulic acid: Powerful Antioxidant Helps Protect Against Visible Skin Aging

Another powerful antioxidant, ferulic acid can support the visible quality of skin. This form of antioxidant is especially good at radiance boosting and skin tone evening, as it works to address sun spots and dullness from skin stress. By targeting free radical damage, a ferulic-acid based serum like Advanced Génifique Sensitive Serum can provide anti-aging and skin refining benefits. Combining antioxidants is possible, but we recommend ensuring skin’s comfort is supported through the addition of hydrating properties like hyaluronic acid.

Niacinamide: Soothes Skin and Targets Pigmentation

When considering how to apply multiple serums, consider including at least one vitamin. These ingredients are great at addressing multiple concerns and providing skin with strengthening nutrients. Niacinamide (or vitamin B3) is a water-soluble vitamin which is suitable for sensitive skin and addresses a range of skin goals. Implement a niacinamide-based serum like Rénergie H.C.F Triple Serum to improve redness in skin and reduce the appearance of brown spots.

How to apply multiple serums

Layering skincare does have a science to it, and the method in which you apply is important to how successful the outcome will be. To get the most from your routine, follow these serum layering guidelines:

  1. To ensure each formula can permeate skin layers properly, you should always order each serum (and every product in a routine) from lightest weight to heaviest.
  2. Allow some time in between each layer for the ingredients to absorb into skin.
  3. Introduce each serum slowly and monitor how your skin responds. If unsure, always cease use and contact a dermatologist for advice.


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