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How To Layer Serums in Skincare

Serums use potent ingredients to penetrate and benefit skin's deeper layers. By pairing serums, you can tackle multiple concerns. Read on to find out more.

How To Layer Serums in Skincare

The goal in skincare is to achieve healthy skin, that glows from within. To do this, each skincare step plays a crucial and unique role, and serums are no exception. A serum may already feature as part of your skincare routine. The universally popular skincare product is known for its efficaciousness and suitability for all skin types.

What you might not be aware of is serum’s versatility as a skincare product. When layered correctly, the potent ingredients in serum formulas can address a range of specific skin concerns and goals. If you’re searching for serums for dry skin or oily, consider layering to get the most visible results.

To discover how to apply serums together to achieve long-term radiance in skin, read our guide below. We show which skincare ingredients work best together to improve dryness, oiliness, as well as acne-prone and sensitivity issues.

Why use serums?

The power of serums lie in their compound structure. Facial serums are lightweight liquids which are applied after using cleansers and exfoliators on skin. When skin is purified and cleared of excess oil and dead skin cells, serums are used to target concerns like imbalanced moisture levels, sensitivity and signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles. The small molecular structure allows potent serum ingredients to permeate the deep surface layers of skin.

Why Use Serums For Skincare

Benefits of serums for skin types

Skin issues are exacerbated when skin layers are compromised. The skin barrier, our outermost layer, keeps moisture in and protects us from external aggressors like UV damage and pollution. When the skin barrier is weakened, skin issues like dehydration, breakouts and sensitivity like facial redness occurs. Serums infuse potent ingredients to strengthen the skin barrier and improve the health of each skin type.

By infusing Vitamin E, serums for dry skin like Advanced Genifique Sensitive protect skin cells from damage. The application of salicylic acid in serums for oily skin like Absolue Oleo Serum unclogs pores to reduce breakouts and bacteria on skin. Your skin type can benefit even further from layering serums – see below to find out how.

Benefits of layering serums

Though you may generally fit within one skin type, all skin is unique. Those with dry skin can experience clogged pores and blemishes, and those with sensitivity in skin also experience dryness. Skincare focuses are rarely singular too. By layering serums, you can target multiple skincare goals at once, and protect your skin from future stress simultaneously. Though they aren’t moisturisers, serums in skincare do strengthen hydration levels in skin. By combining serum ingredients, you can assist skin in maintaining proper hydration throughout the day.

How to layer serums

When layering serums, you should follow the same rule as with your wider skincare routine. Apply each serum starting with the lightest texture first. This helps your products with the lightest molecular structures permeate skin fully. The heaviest serum can then act as a sealant for the combined ingredients. Once layered, serums in skincare are locked in by the facial moisturiser that follows.

Serum ingredients that layer well

Face serum

To discover which combination of serum ingredients can help you to achieve your skincare goals, we’ve broken down some of the most potent pairings. When choosing serums for dry skin, layering those that have hydrating ingredients with formulas that encourage cell renewal will help to improve hydration in a holistic way. Understand the best combinations of serums for oily skin and more below.

Salicylic Acid & Glycerin

For those with oily or dull skin types, purifying skin is imperative to retaining a clear and youthful complexion. Salicylic acid, a beta hydroxy acid found in Absolue Oleo Serum, encourages clarity in skin by exfoliating dead skin cells and unclogging pores. Glycerin, an emollient included in Advanced Genifique, helps to establish balanced levels of moisture in skin by acting as a humectant. When combined, the two work to prevent breakouts which occur from excessive oil productions and clogged pores.

Ferulic acid & Vitamin E

Daily exposure to UV rays and pollutants accelerates signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles. When exposed to radiation, molecules destabilise and become ‘free radicals’, breaking down cell structure and weakening skin. Antioxidants address free radicals and reduce signs of ageing by returning atoms to the affected molecule, allowing the cell cycle to restabilise. When paired together, the strength of antioxidants is increased. Our anti-ageing serum Absolue The Serum is infused with ferulic acid, a powerful antioxidant. By combining it with another antioxidant Vitamin E, found in Advanced Genifique Sensitive, wrinkles are reduced at a strengthened rate.

Anti aging serum

Microbiomes & Vitamin E

Pre and probiotics improve skin’s microbiome, which helps to strengthen skin’s barrier and reduce inflammation in skin. For those who experience sensitivity in skin, using strengthening ingredients is vital to achieving skin goals. The antioxidant properties of Vitamin E also act as a skin strengthening tool, whilst working to restabilise and moisturise skin. Advanced Genifique contains 3 prebiotic and 4 probiotic fractions. By layering it with Vitamin E-infused Advanced Genifique Sensitive, sensitive skin types can reduce redness and discomfort and regain strength in the skin barrier.

Advanced Genifique Cream

Now that you understand how to layer serums to achieve your skincare goals, discover the benefits of facial essence.


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