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Changing skin is an inevitable part of growing older, and often involves the development of wrinkles and fine lines. Though skin can become more dry, fragile and lined as we age, there are techniques you can establish to support maturing skin and maintain a youthful appearance. Caring for maturing skin requires an understanding of what causes fine lines and wrinkles, what age to start using anti-aging skincare products, and positive lifestyle habits. If you want to learn how to bring back radiance and volume to your complexion, read on for our guide to skincare for fine lines and wrinkles.

The Ultimate Anti-aging Skincare Routine

What causes fine lines and wrinkles?

As we age, our skin begins to show visible signs of aging – but what causes fine lines and wrinkles? Our bodies naturally produce collagen, a protein that plays a key role in the appearance of skin by giving it structure and elasticity. Collagen production can begin to decrease as early as age twenty, affecting the texture, bounce, and firmness of skin. Implementing skincare for fine line and wrinkles that aims to support skin elasticity can be an effective way to help maintain youthful looking skin. Other factors that contribute to aging skin are external, like sun exposure, hydration, and lifestyle habits. Before we delve into ways to combat aging skin, let’s examine the how these signs present visibly.

Types of fine lines and wrinkles

Understanding the types of wrinkles and fine lines that can occur over time will help guide you in selecting suitable products. We’ve collated this list of the most common signs of skin aging so you can learn how to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in the areas affecting your skin.

·       Forehead lines run horizontally across the top of the T-zone.

·       Worry lines create an "eleven" between the brows.

·       Bunnies etch the bridge of the nose horizontally between the eyes.

·       Crow's feet radiate from the outer corners of the eyes.

·       Laugh lines, also called nasolabial folds, create parenthesis around the upper lip.

Now let’s look at the steps you can take to target the above.   

Microbiome Anti-aging Face Serums

How to prevent wrinkles

Developing good skincare and lifestyle habits can help prevent visible signs of aging before they occur and target them once they’ve become noticeable. In terms of how to prevent wrinkles, you can protect your skin against damaging UV rays by applying a broad-spectrum SPF daily and wearing protective clothing like hats and sunglasses. Drinking plenty of water can help to hydrate the skin, while ensuring you get enough sleep and adopting healthy lifestyle habits can also assist skin health. Beyond these behaviours, adopting anti-aging skincare products is helpful when it comes to how to reduce fine lines.

Lancôme skincare for fine lines and wrinkles

In recent years, the wellness world has uplifted the importance of taking time for ourselves in the form of self care. Practicing a daily skincare routine gives you the opportunity to spend time pampering yourself with luxurious products that both make you feel good and help support maturing skin. Lancôme’s collection of skincare for fine lines and wrinkles strikes the balance with formulas that are rich and sensorial, while being packed with effective ingredients. Keep scrolling to create the ultimate anti-aging skincare routine that targets your skin concerns and allows you to indulge in self care.

Lancôme anti-aging serums

Skincare serums are formulated with high concentrations of effective ingredients, so it’s the perfect step for customising your routine to your needs. Layering serums can allow you to target multiple skin concerns at once, so choose products with ingredients that complement one another. In terms of how to reduce fine lines, two core Lancôme serums can be beneficial:

·       Absolue The Serum is suitable for all skin types and uses pro xylene alongside perpetual rose molecules to help diminish the appearance of wrinkles.

Give maturing skin the hydration and radiance boost it needs with the Advanced Génifique serum, enhanced with 7 pre and post-biotic factions to uplift the skin’s microbiome and help strengthen the skin barrier.

Lancôme anti-aging eye cream

The eye area can be one of the first areas of the face to develop visible signs of aging, so focusing on this area is key when learning how to avoid wrinkles. To target crow’s feet, bunnies, and under eye circles, Absolue Eye Cream is the ideal product. Enriched with grand rose extract, this eye cream can help lessen signs of fatigue, puffiness, and wrinkles around the eyes. After cleansing and applying serums, use your fingertips to tap the creamy formula into the eye contour in an upward motion, encouraging lift. Regular use can revitalise and brighten the eye area for a rested, more youthful look.

Lancôme anti-aging moisturiser

The final step in any skincare routine is moisturiser, and a well formulated anti-aging cream can benefit a range of skin concerns beyond maturing skin. The hero of the Lancôme Absolue Collection is the Absolue Soft Cream, which can promote skin cell renewal to leave you with softer, more supple skin. Infused with hand-harvested French perpetual rose, this moisturiser can be incorporated into both your morning and evening skincare routines. When it comes to how to reduce fine lines, the Absolue soft cream is perfect for supporting plump and firm skin. The refill option makes it simple to maintain luminosity year-round.

Face Oil In Skincare Routine

Now you know how to avoid wrinkles and target visible signs of aging, you can further promote a youthful appearance by discovering how to apply makeup for mature skin.

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