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How to Effectively Unclog Pores

Clogged pores can be an issue for all skin types. Learn how to manage, treat and ultimately unclog pores for effective results. Read our useful tips here.

If you’ve noticed an increase in ‘mascne’-related clogged pores, or if the battle to minimise pores is long-term, skincare is your powerful ally. The way to treat pores comes down to the ingredients you utilise and the habits you form.

Whilst those with acne-prone skin can experience large pores that tend to appear around the nose and cheeks, clogged pores happen to all skin-types. We break down the science behind what contributes to breakout-bound pores, and the best ingredients that can help to reduce them.

For how to unclog pores when they occur, and our method to prevent future breakouts, read on. The best clogged pores skincare can be found below.

What are clogged pores?

Let’s start at the root. If you’ve been searching for answers on how to get rid of pores, understand first and foremost that they are a structural and necessary part of your skin’s system.

Pores are ducts in the skin that connect to our sebaceous glands, which produce sebum. Sebum, another vital part of our skin’s defence system, is the natural oil that our body produces. It moisturises and protects our skin from external stressors, but sebum can also affect the overall state of pores. At their essence, pores are difficult to keep clean. But clearing and shrinking pores so that they are hardly noticeable can be achieved through a thorough and regular routine.

What causes clogged pores?

Clogged pores are frustrating, sometimes painful, and often unsightly. The cause is the combining of sebum with inflammatory bacteria, dead skin and environmental debris. This culminates together to block your pores and enlarge them, giving the appearance of white or black dots on the surface of skin. We know these dots as whiteheads and blackheads, and as much as you’re tempted to squeeze, hold tight. Squeezing your spots can irritate, scar and add further oil or bacteria – and there’s a better way to deal with them.

The benefits of hydroxy acids

If this name isn’t familiar to you, this may be a revelation. Hydroxy acids, otherwise known as BHAs and AHAs, have the power to clean out pores and refine them. At their essence, hydroxy acids are gentle exfoliants.

AHAs stand for Alpha Hydroxy Acids – a common example is glycolic acid. They’re derived from plants like sugar cane, and exfoliate both our surface and deeper layers of skin. A feature of AHAs is their ability to remove dead skin cells, which are a leading cause of blocked pores.

BHAs differ in that they are oil-soluble, which is great news for alleviating excess sebum in clogged pores. Where AHAs are great for dry skin types, BHAs like salicylic acid do the most for sensitive and oily skin types. They fight the bacteria which affects the health of skin and clarity of pores. Utilising one of these acids in your skincare routine can mean the difference between clear skin and breakouts.

How to unclog pores

Now for the answer you came here for. The correct skincare routine can empower you with confidence – there’s a reason this form of self-care is practiced by millions. Include hydroxy acids in your routine – with the correct formula they can be used as part of your daily regime. Apply as much as your product requires, and with consistent use pores can all but disappear.

Apply hydroxy acids

For those with large pores or frequently clogged pores, cleansing is a must. Cleanse daily to remove dirt and impurities with a brightening cleanser like the Clarifique Cleansing Foam. With BHA salicylic acid, this gentle but effective formula clears pores and tightens them without drying out or irritating skin.

After cleansing, skin is permeable and fresh – making it an optimum time to infuse with deep-reaching AHAs. Essence’s, which hail from Korea, have a low molecular weight and can be absorbed deeply. Our Clarifique Dual Essence combines glycolic acid with enzymes to minimise pores and increase radiance.

Properly hydrated skin is healthy skin. Your moisturiser helps to regulate levels of sebum, reducing an excess in skin’s oiliness. Apply a mattifying cream like the Clarifique Milky Day Cream each morning for plump, brightened skin.

Other tips for unclogging pores

Skincare routines do their best work when combined with healthy habits. To minimise and unclog pores on the face, make it a rule to always remove makeup before bed. This allows skin to breath properly and prevents further blockage in pores. There are a million reasons to use SPF, and unclogging pores is one of them. By wearing SPF daily (yes, in winter too!), you’ll protect skin from external stressors that can contribute to build-ups of impurities in pores. Finally, make a note to reduce oil in skin. Stay on top of skin hydration and exfoliate 1-2 times per week, and your skin will always thank you.

If this guide to unclogging pores has helped you, try reading the benefits of prebiotic and probiotic skincare next.


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