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The Lancôme face serum collection combines efficacious formulas to brighten, hydrate and age-reverse skin. Discover the different types of face serum in the Absolue, Advanced Génifique and Rénergie ranges, and find the perfect face serum for your skin goals.

What is Serum?

Arguably the most potent step in skincare routines, face serums can target and visibly improve specific concerns like signs of aging, dullness and uneven skin texture. Either oil or water based, face serums are formulated with a smaller molecular structure and are usually the most lightweight of skincare products. This allows them to implement high concentrations of supportive and nourishing ingredients into the deep layers of skin for visible and long-term results.

Different types of face serum

Different types of face serum can include ingredients like vitamin C, retinol or hyaluronic acid. Because they can be tailored to specific skin needs, each face serum can support and improve the tone and texture of acne-prone, dry, sensitive or mature skin types. Explore face serum benefits for radiant, healthy complexions.

Anti-aging Serums

Serums are one of the most effective ways to non-invasively target signs of aging – whether apparent or as a preventative. Using the right serum is essential for any anti-aging skincare routine and is ideally packed with firming, hydrating and lifting ingredients, to improve texture and tone. Face-firming serums achieve this with plumping humectants like hyaluronic acid, antioxidants like vitamin C, and strengthening prebiotics.

Brightening Serums

A face-brightening serum can be implemented to address dulled complexions, discolouration or dark spots. Dry skin types most commonly experience dulled tones, though any skin type can experience skin dullness. This means a wide variety of people can benefit from brightening serums. Formulas that contain antioxidants like vitamin C such as Rénergie H.C.F. Triple Serum are the best serums for brightening skin.

Eye and Lash Serums

An eye serum works like face serums do; by imparting nourishing ingredients that support this especially fragile area of the skin. The eye area is 40% thinner and is usually the first to show signs of aging and fatigue. Alongside skin, our lashes can be affected by behavioural and external stressors. An eye and eyelash serum like Advanced Génifique Light Pearl Eye & Lash Concentrate hydrates contours and fortifies lashes.

Firming Serums

The ingredients in face firming serums encourage collagen in skin and help to firm and plump skin texture. The face serum benefits of firming formulas are a result of ingredients that encourage elasticised and refined complexions. Innovative and science backed formulas like Pro-Xylane™ used in Absolue Precious Cells Intense Revitalizing Emulsion deliver exceptional results.

Hydrating Serums

Moisture is imperative to healthy and radiant skin. So, finding a hydrating face serum that reinstates moisture, strengthens the skin barrier, and prevents moisture loss is key. A face serum for dehydrated or dry skin can plump texture, boost radiance and improve skin feel through nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and niacinamide.

Which face serum is best for your skin type?

To maximise face serum benefits, you need to understand what your skin type is and what skin concerns you're looking to target. This will inform your decision on which key skincare ingredients to keep an eye out for. The great thing about serums is that they can often be layered, meaning you can include multiple within your regime as a way to create the best skincare routine for your own unique skin. Not sure where to start? You can match our luxurious Lancôme Australia formulas to your skin type and needs, or speak to a beauty advisor through live chat for a personal consultation.

Face serums for oily skin

To reduce oil-flow and stabilise moisture in skin, opt for a skin barrier-strengthening face serum. Supportive formulas like Absolue Ultimate Repair Bi-Ampoule help to regulate oil content in skin, by increasing skin strength and protecting from external stress. Alternatively, opt for a serum suitable for all skin types like Advanced Genifique Serum.

Face serums for dehydrated skin

A moisturising face serum can rehydrate at the deepest levels of skin which is essential for those experiencing dryness. Rich day and night creams help, but can be further enhanced by applying a hydrating and face-brightening serum like Rénergie H.C.F. Triple Serum beforehand. This imparts nourishing ingredients and helps skin both draw in and retain moisture.

Face Serums For Combination Skin

Catering to combination skin can often be difficult, having to balance patches of both oily and dry skin. Generally, you can expect an oily T-Zone and more dehydrated cheeks with combination skin. Face Serums such as Advanced Genifique are perfect for combination skin types, working to balance and strengthen the skins microbiome, protecting from external agressors.

The benefits of Serums in Skincare

Discover which serum is best for both your face and skincare routine by exploring the many benefits of serums and how they can work to help correct any skin concerns you're experiencing.

Helps absorb skincare better

The thin viscosity of face serums means that they can reach deep into skin. This not only helps to nourish deeply, but allows for skin layers to better absorb the following steps like day creams and facial oils. A hydrating face serum for example will support further water content entering skin afterwards.

Nourishing and soothing

Serum skin benefits include alleviating sensitives like redness, discomfort and tightness by strengthening from the inside out. The supportive ingredients used in Lancôme’s face serums enhances comfort and overall skin strength.

Protects your skin from free radicals and future damage

Implementing an antioxidant-rich face serum benefits skin against external stress like UV radiation (especially in Australia), pollution and bacteria. They achieve this by reversing damage to oxidised cells and protecting against future damage.

It’s a collagen booster

Alongside collagen-infused serums, different types of face serum can encourage the natural production of collagen in skin. This helps to elasticise and firm skin, and protects against signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.

A Beginner's Guide To Using Face Serums

Not sure how to start using serums within your skincare routine? What time of day? Usage frequency? Look no further. Apart from the different types of serum, other decisions can enhance serum skin benefits. To build radiant and even-toned complexions explore how to use a face serum for your skin needs.

Tips on how to Layer effectively

Conversely, combining powerful ingredients with hydrating and nourishing formulas like hyaluronic acid can ensure skin stays comfortable and hydrated. When layering face serums, wait for a minute or two between each application to allow the product to sink in and the skin to dry.

Korean skincare can be used as a great inspiration when looking to layer serums on the skin, with trends highlighting the effectiveness of combining multiple lightweight formulas, instead of one heavy product. When layering serums, always start with the most lightweight formula first, and work your way up in viscosity.

Don't rush your routine, take it slow

A hydrating face serum and face firming serum can lift and brighten skin for long-term, radiant results. When using a face serum for the first time (especially those with high concentrations), start slow and build up. This allows skin to acclimatise properly to the products.

When do you apply serum to your face?

With so many benefits, it’s important to know the correct application techniques.

In the morning

Most serums can be implemented in the morning – and some face serum benefits specifically address daytime stressors. Applying antioxidant rich serums like Advanced Génifique will help to protect against free radicals that occur through sun exposure and keep skin radiant.

At night

Ingredients like retinol are often better placed at night as they can increase sensitivity to UV radiation. Separate face serums can also be layered for enhanced benefits. To pair serums, consider the potency of each formula. Highly efficacious ingredients like vitamin C and retinol should be used apart so that skin has proper resting time.


Most face serums can be used interchangeably, and double use is often encouraged for some formulas. Always apply directly after cleansing onto clean, dry skin, and before moisturising. We recommend allowing a few minutes in between steps to allow your face serum to absorb fully.

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