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Dark circles under the eyes are common, and they’re not always due to a lack of sleep. Defined by their blue, brown or purple hues, dark circles can be the result of a variety of causes, so a singular approach isn’t enough to address them.

What Causes Dark Circles

Dark circles around eyes tend to be lumped with tiredness – but causes can range from genetics to skin volume and environmental stress. While a lack of sleep can certainly be a motivating factor, to properly address it you’ll need to define your specific cause of dark circles under eyes.

The good news is that with the right approach, you can lessen dark circles and promote a brightened and youthful eye area. So, what causes dark circles around eyes? Ahead we show how to identify the reason behind your dark circles, and the best luxury skincare approach to regain radiant skin.

What causes dark circles under the eyes?

The colour of your under eye circles is one of the biggest clues as to what causes the dark circles under your eyes. Each physiological cause links to a different hue, so your first port of call is to check the tone under or around your eyes. The placement of circles will also vary. They either sit on the corners of eyes, directly underneath or around the eye area, and will be be blue, brown or purple in tone. Once determined, you can match one of the below causes of dark circles around eyes to your specific concern.

1. Sun exposure

It’s well-understood that UV radiation isn’t a friend of complexions. In Australia, sun exposure poses probably the biggest risk to premature aging signs like fine lines, wrinkles – and yes – under eye circles. Cumulative sun exposure can cause skin to overproduce melanin (the pigment that gives skin colour). These darker patches don’t only appear under the eyes but all over skin, and motivate discoloured and dulled complexions. Sun exposure will result in brown appearing under eye circles, and because it’s cumulative, usually appears from our 30s onwards.

2. Lack of sleep and stress

Alongside skincare, diets and healthy lifestyle habits, sleep is essential to glowing complexions. The old adage about beauty sleep is real – but why does being tired cause dark circles? Regular sleep schedules are needed for physical and mental health, and an interrupted circadian rhythm can result in weakened skin among other physiological changes. Hectic schedules and a lack of sleep can result in skin appearing paler, which allows blood vessels to show more through skin. Blue or purple dark under eye circles (as well as under-eye bags and puffy skin) can result.

3. Genetics

If you’ve had dark under eye circles as long as you can remember, they’re likely hereditary. Your genetic disposition can cause skin to be naturally thinner, paler, or more pigmented. Thinner or paler skin will make blood circulation more pronounced – resulting in blue or purple toned dark circles. Skin which in prone to increased pigmentation may develop brown circles around the eye area. Even if genetics is what causes the dark circles under your eyes, skincare products like eye creams can make visible improvements in brightening the eye area.

4. Aging

Aging leads to a natural loss of volume in skin due to declining collagen, elastin and sebum. Around the eye area is soft tissue called suborbicularis oculi fat (SOOF), which helps to promote fuller, firm and bright looking skin. As we age SOOF shrinks and declines, leading to less volume under the eye area. This can motivate a ‘shadow’ affect and is one of the most common causes of dark circles around eyes. To reduce the appearance of dark circles as a result of aging, brightening under eye creams can be implemented in your routine.

Hyaluronic Acid for Skincare

How to minimise dark under eye circles

The under-eye area is especially fragile and thin, and because of this requires specially formulated skincare support. To address the cause of dark circles under eyes and promote a fuller eyes contour area, eye serums and creams can be added to AM and PM routines. Lancôme eye serum and cream formulas are enriched with brightening and firming ingredients like caffeine, hyaluronic acid and Grand Rose Extract to deliver beautiful results.

Absolue Eye Serum

Eye serums share the same lightweight texture of facial serums to penetrate skin deeply. Our revitalising and anti-aging Absolu Eye Serum features an exclusive blend of Grand Rose Extracts to refresh and hydrate skin. Especially efficacious for aging skin experiencing a natural decline in volume, the formula addresses and improves the appearance of dark shadows, fatigue and soft wrinkles.

Advanced Génifique Eye Cream

To provide transformative and beautifying skincare, Lancôme Laboratories research the ingredients that target the major signs of aging. This anti-aging eye cream is packed with caffeine, hyaluronic acid and salicylic acid to energise, plump and lift the eye area. Alongside the causes of dark circles around eyes, Rénergie Yeux Eye Cream addresses sagging skin and loss of moisture.

Advanced Génifique Eye Cream

Our youth-activating formula utilises microbiome technology to deliver essential radiance-boosting nutrients. Bifidus prebiotic fractions support and balance the skin microbiome, and hyaluronic acid plus vitamin Cg hydrates skin and provides antioxidant support. Use Advanced Génifique Eye Cream day and night to intensely nourish and promote younger looking skin.

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