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You may be surprised to know that around 80% of visible skin aging is a result of external stress. To return firmness, clarity and bounce to skin, a morning and night time face routine can be implemented to skin.

How To Create An Anti-ageing Night Skincare Routine

Lancôme’s luxurious range of anti-aging skincare promotes youthful complexions in skin, to support your natural beauty. To get the most from anti-aging formulas, it’s important to use both daytime and night skincare.

Different products and ingredients make up these separate routines, to take advantage of your skin’s state during sleep, and to protect against unique stressors. To establish an ideal regime, we walk through night skincare routine steps and the best way to apply them. Read ahead to see what goes into Lancôme’s anti-aging night cream and more for bright and firmed skin.

Importance of skincare routine

The importance of night routine skin care

‘Tired skin’ has its roots in science. Especially in mature skin, night time heralds essential regeneration in the dermis. As we sleep, our skin rests from dynamic facial muscle movement, allowing it to focus on repair. Sleep is when skin removes toxins from the dermal layers, replaces aging cells with fresh ones and addresses cell damage from external stress like UV radiation.

Morning skincare focuses on optimal hydration and protection against skin oxidisation and other stressors, using ingredients like vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. Though some skincare ingredients overlap between the two routines, your night routine skin care focuses primarily on supporting skin cell regeneration.

The process of skin aging

As we grow older, skin begins to change in appearance and feel. Part of this is due to the internal maturing process, which refers to decreased cell renewal and a loss of collagen production. Resulting signs of aging skin can include the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin and roughened texture. Much of this phenomenon is due however to external causes, including:

  • UV exposure
  • Stress, diet and sleeping patterns
  • Pollution
  • Lifestyle habits

To aid in skin renewal and protect the skin barrier against the above factors, Lancôme’s night skincare routine contains youth-activating ingredients, which absorb into skin as you sleep and benefit complexions from within.

Process of skin ageing

The ideal night skin care routine

The way in which you implement your anti-aging products is really important. Each product works in tandem with the other to create a supportive ‘mask’. To wake up with firmed and brighter skin, follow the below night time skin care order.

1. Return skin to a neutral state

For skin to absorb and access efficacious skincare ingredients, the impurities of each day need to be firstly removed. For your night skincare, opt for a pampering formula. To remove eye makeup (even waterproof products), Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover contains both an oil and water phase.

To purify skin of aging stressors like pollution and bacteria, Eau Micellaire Douceur Cleansing Water is formulated with rose extract, which imparts hydrating comfort to skin as it cleanses.

2. Nourish skin with essence

One of the quieter heroes in anti-aging routines, a facial essence can bring about visibly beautiful results. To improve skin’s appearance, promote hydration and tighten pore size, implement a brightening essence in your evening and morning routines. The smaller molecular size of essences makes them an invaluable part of a night routine for the face, as their supportive ingredients are able to penetrate deeply. Infused with rare French beech bud extract, grapeseed oil and vitamin Cg, Clarifique Dual Essence leaves skin brighter, plumper and tighter. To apply, pour a few drops into your hand, before gently pressing into your face and neck.

Anti aging serums

3. Apply anti-aging serums

You may already be familiar with the anti-aging benefit of serums. Used in a night skin care routine, a serum’s high concentration of potent ingredients permeates skin’s deep layers, taking advantage of the regenerative period.

The area of skin around your eyes is 40% thinner than the rest of facial skin, and only grows thinner as we age. To address fine lines, wrinkles and age spots on this fragile part of the face, a targeted approach is needed. Absolue Eye Serum works to strengthen and firm delicate skin without overwhelming it – with the inclusions of anti-aging centifolia rose.

For the facial area, opt for a hydrating and brightening anti-aging serum. Our #1 serum, Advanced Génifique is a highly efficacious anti-aging step, providing visible stronger skin with proper use. Hyaluronic acid is combined with bifidus prebiotic and vitamin C to improve skin clarity, firmness and radiance.

4. Apply eye cream & anti-aging night cream

An anti-aging night cream provides intense hydration and seals in the ingredients of all other skincare steps. To prevent moisture-loss while you sleep and wake up with radiant, refreshed skin, apply both a night repair cream and eye cream.

To support the eye area, Advanced Génifique Eye Cream contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin Cg and bifidus prebiotic fractions. Skin is plumped and brightened without being overwhelmed.

Mature skin is especially susceptible to dehydration. To combat this, night cream for dry skin Génifique Repair Night Cream imparts plumping moisture. Apply as the final step in your night time skin care order, for enhanced skin regeneration as you sleep.

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