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The Best Foundation For Your Skin Type

Foundation comes in a range of formulas and types. Read through our comprehensive guide to find the best foundation for oily, dry and sensitive skin.

Guide To The Best Foundation For Your Skin Type

Foundation is a staple of makeup routines – but the potential benefits of finding your perfect match does more than improve the look of skin. The end result should always be a glowing and healthy complexion – and if you struggle to achieve this, it could come down to the style of foundation you’re using.

Each skin type is unique. By pairing your foundation to your specific skin type, you can improve your skin’s texture, moisture levels and brightness. The best foundation for oily skin as well as dry and sensitive skin comes down to the formula used.

We explain the difference between cushion foundation, stick foundation and liquid foundation below, and guide you through your perfect match.

To understand how to choose foundation for your skin type, read on.

Benefits of wearing foundation

Foundation is sometimes mistaken as a single-use product. It’s well known for the coverage that it offers, but the flawless base provided to other makeup products is achieved by a combination of skin-improving benefits. When you use the correct foundation for your skin type and tone, skin quality and radiance is improved, alongside the moisture levels and texture. Foundation that sits properly on your skin also extends its wearability and reduces smudging and transfer throughout the day.

Benefits of wearing foundation

Ingredients used in foundation

Traditional formulas of foundations include pigments that provide colour, alongside a water or oil-based liquid to assist absorption. Our transformative range of foundations also include perlite and silica. Perlite and silica foundation absorb excess oil in skin, to provide a mattified and long-lasting finish.

The different types of foundation

Knowing how to choose foundation starts with understanding the different types and formulas available. The best foundation for dry skin is one that focuses on hydration, through the inclusion of moisturising ingredients. Sensitive skin can present a range of symptoms, including itchiness and redness. The best foundation for sensitive skin will help to address these concerns by nourishing and smoothing skin alongside the coverage. The best foundation for oily skin mattifies and absorbs excess oil to ensure no shine gets through. Read below to understand which foundation suits your skin type best.

Cushion foundation

Cushion foundations are usually compact and easily transportable, thanks to their enclosed and mirrored cases. An absorbent cushion holds in the foundation liquid, and then is dabbed on skin with an applicator puff. Benefits of cushion foundations include precise and comfortable application alongside their travel-friendly design. Those who prefer a higher level of coverage whilst still maintaining a dewy, golden texture should opt for this style.

Liquid foundation

One of the more common foundation types, liquid foundation provides a ‘real skin’ effect without losing coverage. The level of coverage also ranges across liquid foundations, making them a perfect match for any look. Application is also versatile, and can be achieved with sponges, brushes, and by hands.

Liquid Foundation For More Coverage

Stick foundation

As opposed to liquid foundation, the texture of stick foundations are more cream-like in consistency. Simple to apply and buildable to full coverage, those who like to target certain areas of the face suit this style of foundation. As the cream-formula is slightly thicker, a stick foundation can be used as a concealer and to buff over blemishes.

Understanding how to choose foundation

Your highlighter, blush and bronzer look their best when supported by the correct base. To choose the right foundation for your skin type, look for features that address your individual skin goals and concerns. Our nourishing range of foundations can assist and improve specific skin concerns. Below are the best foundations for each skin type.

How To Choose Foundation

Best foundation for dry skin

The main concern for those with dry skin types is a lack of moisture, which can result in a build up of dead skin and flakiness, alongside roughly textured complexions. Dry skin will struggle to hold onto foundations which don’t contain a hydrating formula. When looking for the best foundation for dry skin, opt for a serum-in-oil foundation like the Absolue Fluid Foundation. With the inclusion of Glycerin, a deeply hydrating skincare ingredient that restores moisture to the outer layer of skin, this liquid foundation smooths and increases radiance.

Best foundation for oily skin

Those with oiliness in skin experience an overproduction of sebum, the natural oil in our body. Though excess oiliness can lead to breakouts and acne-prone skin, sebum is an important feature of healthy skin. The best foundation for oily skin helps to regulate the level of oil by absorbing excess amounts without drying out or stripping skin of sebum. Opt for a mattifying silica foundation like the Teint Idole Ultra Wear liquid foundation. Ultra-breathable whilst still providing 24 hour coverage, this foundation is buildable and oil-absorbent for a beautiful radiant finish. Also available is the Teint Idole Ultra Wear Stick Foundation style, for those who would like to focus on blemishes.

Foundation For Oily Skin

Best foundation for sensitive skin

Sensitivity in skin can present in a dull or reddened skin tone and complexion. The best foundation for sensitive skin will provide an evened out and brightened finish. As sensitivity can be increased through certain ingredients, it’s important to choose a foundation that has a gentle formula. The anti-ageing Absolue Cushion Compact Foundation combines three Absolue oils – Rose, Camellia and Citrus – to restore fatty acids to skin and protect against irritation. The cushion and applicator puff design also allows you to apply your foundation gently, without causing irritation.

Now that you know how to choose foundation, perfect your concealer use with our guide to concealer application.


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