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Curating your ideal perfume wardrobe takes time and attention to detail, so why not make the most of each scent by learning how to make perfume last longer. It’s natural to assume stronger perfumes have a more enduring aroma, but a high concentration of fragrance oil isn’t the only influence on a long-lasting scent. If you’ve been pondering “how to make my perfume last longer,” the correct application tips and understanding how fragrance reacts with the body can make all the difference. Whether you prefer a light scent or an encompassing aroma, enhance the longevity of your fragrances with our guide to lasting perfume.

How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

5 tips for how to make perfume last longer on skin

The first step in accomplishing a long-lasting fragrance is selecting a quality perfume. Lancôme perfumes each have unique and impeccable scents expertly designed to last for hours - but a few simple tips can further enhance the life of a fragrance. Wondering how do you get perfume to last longer? A few tips on fragrance maintenance and strategic application can help:

  1. Spritz on moisturised skin
  2. Apply strategically
  3. Know your skin type
  4. Layer scents
  5. Store fragrances properly

Let’s examine exactly how to carry out each of these steps.

1. Moisturise before application

When it comes to how to make perfume smell last longer, hydrating skincare can bolster the longevity and intensity of a scent. Fragrance clings to moisture, so the staying power of a perfume is elevated by spritzing immediately after showering and applying nourishing body care and face cream such as the Absolue Soft Cream. Applying perfume to freshly cleansed also means excess oils that can buffer scent have been removed, and the warmth of body temperate can encourage a perfume to reach its full aromatic potential.

2. Target the pulse points

Have you ever found yourself wondering, ‘where should I spray perfume to make it last longer?’ It’s a natural question, as certain areas of the body tend to hold scent particularly well and can even enhance the intensity of a perfume. These areas are called ‘pulse points’ - named for the rhythm of your heart which can be felt at these spots. Pulse points emit warmth that can react with fragrance to slowly diffuse scent across your body throughout the day. To support lasting fragrance, spray perfume directly on to the skin at 1 or 2 of the following pulse points, and refrain from rubbing the formula in.

  • Neck
  • Behind the ears
  • Wrists
  • Inner elbow

Make perfumes last longer

3. Know your scent type

It may come as a surprise that perfume smells slightly different person to person, but it makes sense when you consider the distinct elements of skin and body. When it comes to how to make perfume last longer on the skin, factors like hormones, pH and oil production can all influence the intensity and longevity of a fragrance. Understanding how your body interacts with different scents can help when selecting perfumes, so discover the La Vie Est Belle collection, with a variety of fragrance combinations to suit everyone.

  • Fresh scents such as La Vie Est Belle En Rose can be elevated by oily skin types.
  • Musky, spiced aromas like La Vie Est Belle Intensément complement dry skin types without feeling heavy.

  • 4. Layer scents

    In terms of how to make perfume last longer, strategically layering scents can help to build a more robust combination of top, middle, and base notes. The key to layering is understanding which fragrance notes pair well together - choose perfumes with at least 1 similar fragrance note and provide balance with remaining notes that fall on the opposite side of the aroma spectrum.

  • Fresh and clean scents often have a light aroma, so fragrance notes with more depth can be ideal, like musk or wood.
  • Fruity scents can be bold and vibrant, so in summer pair them with light, botanic focussed perfumes.
  • Floral scents pair well with headier, spiced fragrance notes in the winter.

  • Layering scents

    5. Store fragrances properly

    It’s common to underestimate the importance of proper fragrance storage when learning how to make perfume last longer, but perfume maintenance is an important consideration. Moisture, sunlight, and changing temperatures are typical features of bathrooms, where perfumes are often kept, but these factors can all speed up the time it takes for fragrance oils to break down. Instead, elongate the shelf life of your fragrance wardrobe by storing perfumes in a cool, dimly lit location.

    Now you know the secrets tricks of how to make perfume last longer, discover your perfect fragrance by learning how to find your signature scent.


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