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The romantic, powerful thrall of perfume cannot be overstated. For many of us, a spritz of a signature scent cements the final step of our morning routine, emboldening us for the day ahead. But there is more depth to fragrance application than we might realise; how and where we spray perfume can influence its potency and longevity on the skin. The French, who have been largely responsible for the global mass marketing of fragrances, have always understood the subtle complexities of perfume. Anybody can wear fragrance, but knowing how to spray perfume so that it leaves a notable imprint matters – and the French have it down to an art form.

Apply perfume the French way

France: An epicentre for fragrance

France has an impressively long history in the manufacturing of perfume. In fact, mass production of perfume originated in France in the sixteenth century and the French city Grasse is still considered the perfume capital of the world.1 Renowned for some of the perfume industry’s best ‘noses’, the French treat perfume with great reverence – a practice that embodies art and alchemy combined. The French have an instinct for fragrances that are not only expertly crafted but are undeniably recognisable, like La Vie Est Belle L'eau De Parfum – a scent that articulates joy, luxury and femininity. France’s fragrance expertise has endured for centuries, and even today, we can still defer to the French for how and where to apply perfume so that it lingers beautifully on the skin.


Tips for how to spray perfume

Strategic perfume placement is an essential pillar to applying perfume the French way. The French are true sophisticates when it comes to fragrance, so we can look to their everlasting advice for where to apply perfume on our bodies and how scents react to physical and environmental changes. If you’re wondering, ‘how can I spray perfume on my body so it lasts all day?’, there are myriad tips for extending the wear of your fragrance as well as its shelf life. Explore Lancôme’s curated advice below to help you utilise every last drop of your eau de parfum.

Know your pulse points for perfume

Knowing where to spray perfume hinges on understanding which parts of your body are best at holding scent, otherwise known as your pulse points. Your pulse points are your neck, wrists, inner elbow, the back of the knee and behind the ears – parts of your body where you ‘feel’ your pulse. These areas emit a higher level of body heat that helps to better diffuse and make fragrance last longer. Depending on the potency of your formula, you might choose to spray perfume directly onto the skin of just one or two of your pulse points. For a sultry scent like La Nuit Trésor, hold your bottle 20 centimetres from the skin and spritz onto your pulse points for the ultimate allure.

Tips for how to spray perfume

Don’t rub your perfume

Now that you have spritzed your scent, resist the urge to rub the perfume into your skin. While many of us have probably adopted the habit of rubbing our wrists together after spritzing, this friction can actually deteriorate the top notes of your perfume and dilute your scent. You’ll be thankful for your restraint when the delicate freshness of your Miracle L'eau De Parfum disperses evenly onto the skin and lingers well into the night.

Store your bottles properly

While so much of perfume potency relies on how we spray perfume, how we store fragrance bottles is also important maintaining the efficacy of our favourite formulas. Perfumes can be quite susceptible to sun exposure and temperature changes, which trigger chemical reactions that degrade the fragrance. As iridescent as a bottle of La Vie Est Belle Iris Absolu may look on your window sill, we recommend storing your bottles at room temperature, away from natural light.

Moisturised skin enhances longevity

Learning how to apply perfume the French way is about mimicking their expert methods of improving scent longevity. Fragrance can evaporate at a faster rate on dry skin, whereas additional moisture can help perfume cling to the skin. We recommend applying a body moisturiser, focusing specifically where you plan to spray perfume. Opt for an unscented moisturiser that won’t interfere with your fragrance.

Layering scents

Know when to spritz vs mist

We always suggest spritzing when you want to target specific areas on your body – like your pulse points – since this will distribute your fragrance evenly. Some individuals like to mist a cloud of their perfume into the air and walk through it. While this is a romantic idea, your scent won’t have the same staying power as when you spray perfume directly onto the skin. You might choose to mist your perfume through your hair for head-turning allure, but just be conscious of alcohol-based formulas that can dehydrate the strands.

Leave a trace

You can leave a lasting impression of your perfume by quite literally surrounding yourself with your signature scent. You might mist your favourite fragrance onto your coat or scarf so that it envelopes you throughout the day and lingers thereafter. The skin’s natural oils influence how a perfume settles and which notes appear. As such, scents often diffuse more lightly on clothes. Floral scents like Idôle Eau De Parfum provide a light, charming bouquet that’s perfect for distributing fragrance on your clothes and accessories.

Now that you know how to apply perfume the French way, discover how to choose the right perfume.


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