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Skincare 101: How to Choose a Moisturiser

Skincare is a key element of any beauty regimen, and for most, hydration, nourishment and moisture sit at the heart of our skincare goals. Using a face cream daily ensures skin remains hydrated and strong, with a plumped, smooth and soft appearance. While moisture is important for all skin types, choosing a face cream can be a tricky endeavour.

How to choose a moisturiser

Whether your complexion is typically oily, dry, normal, combination or sensitive, face cream’s formulation should complement your skin type to give you your best skin yet. For example, a facial moisturiser for dry skin may have a slightly thicker texture to deliver additional moisture, with ingredients that prioritise hydration. Read on to discover the best Lancôme moisturising creams for various skin types and how to know which is right for you.

First, learn your skin type

Determining your skin type is the first step to selecting the right facial moisturiser. Many of us face a variety of visible skin concerns that can impact which type of moisturiser will best suit your daily skincare routine. Take the time to assess your skin’s different concerns:

  • Dry skin types may experience visible redness and tight skin sensations. Skin responds well to thicker-textured moisturisers and hydrating oils. Dry skin and mature skin types are often interlinked.

  • Oily skin appears shiny, or even greasy after skincare application and throughout the day. Skin may be prone to dullness and prefers lightweight textures.

  • Mild acne-prone skin can go hand-in-hand with dryness, oiliness or a combination. Mild acne-prone skin requires comforting formulations that target pimples and texture.

  • Sensitive skin types may need to take care when choosing skincare, as skin can be reactive, leading to visible redness, bumps and tender skin sensations.

How to choose a face moisturiser for your skin type & concerns

The ideal moisturiser is one that takes into consideration your visible skin concerns and underlying skin type. These considerations can help you to narrow down your options for a moisturising cream. However, it’s also important to remember that skin is dynamic, and may change with the seasons, age, hormones and other factors. Using both a day and night cream can help to manage this, as well as ‘listening’ to your skin and what it needs. To guide you towards the best hydrating moisturiser for your unique skin, we’ll unpack several skin types and corresponding Lancôme moisturiser recommendations.

Moisturiser for dry skin

Dry skin generally produces less oil than other skin types, making hydration a central concern in skincare selection. The texture of dry skin can appear dull and rough and might feel tight at times. Dry skin can be prone to more visible fine lines and enlarged pores. A gentle approach is necessary for dry skin, so choose a moisturiser that is nourishing and hydrating.

Consider a face moisturiser for dry skin such as the Génifique Day Cream, with anti-aging properties that target and plump fine lines. The Rénergie Multi-Lift Day Cream which has a dense, luxurious consistency and delivers a silky dose of hydration infused with hyaluronic acid. For extra nourishment, consider introducing a revitalising mask such as the Absolue Precious Cells Night Mask into your skincare routine.

Moisturiser for different skin types

Moisturiser for oily skin

It’s a common misconception that oily skin doesn’t require additional moisture like its drier counterparts. This is not the case - a hydrating moisturiser is still necessary in a skincare routine for oily skin to maintain skin’s important moisture content. Oily skin can appear shiny and feel greasy due to the excess sebum this particular skin type produces. The ideal moisturiser for oily skin is one that is lightweight to avoid congestion – giving you skin that glows from within.

Rénergie Multi-Glow Reviving Day Cream is a good match for oily skin, imbued with balancing and radiance-boosting rose within a refreshing, easily absorbed formula. Try its evening counterpart Rénergie Nuit Multi-Glow Night Cream to help nourish skin overnight and leave it looking more illuminated come morning.

Moisturiser for mild acne-prone skin

Mild acne-prone skin tends to be on the oilier side and can require a considered, targeted and gentle skincare regime. Moisturiser is still required, but it’s important to strike the right balance, with products that provide much-needed hydration without overwhelming skin. If you’re prone to acne, rich moisturisers can be too much for skin – a lightweight, comforting and anti-stress face cream is better suited.

Try a moisturising cream such as the Hydra Zen Anti Stress Moisturising Day Cream to lightly hydrate and protect skin from stressors such as wind and air conditioning. Formulated with exclusive plant extracts, this face cream will absorb well and is suitable for daily use.

Moisturiser for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin can lead to visible redness, tender skin sensations, tight-feeling skin, dryness and texture. This skin type can be reactive and vulnerable to environmental stressors like weather, and heating or cooling. We recommend using gentle, comforting skincare with specific anti-stress ingredients to hydrate delicate skin.

Take a pared-back approach and try a hydrating moisturiser like our Hydra Zen Anti-Stress Moisturising Day Cream. The formulation is mild and refreshing, yet delivers a potent moisture boost suitable for stressed skin.

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