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Glowy Bronze Makeup Tutorial

Some makeup trends are cyclical, others short-lived, but bronzed, glowy makeup continues to hold a reputation in the world of beauty thanks to its widespread appeal and at-home attainability. While our complexions might not boast sun-kissed radiance all year-round, with the right makeup products and techniques to enhance the skin’s natural warmth, we can mimic this enviable glow. Below, explore our in-depth guide to crafting a timeless glowy bronze makeup look using easy-to-follow tips and Lancôme’s iconic products.

Valentine's Day Makeup

Why we love bronzed glowy makeup

Natural glowy makeup is beloved for its versatility and timelessness. The warm bronzed look is more than just a summer staple; it can be adapted to suit any occasion, from your daily beauty routine to some of life’s most special moments. Bronzed, glowy makeup utilises a rich palette of warm shades and colours like bronze, golds, oranges, browns, even red shades – all of which beautifully complement a wide range of skin tones to give the complexion a healthy-looking, lustrous quality. It’s these flattering colour combinations that allow the natural glowy makeup look to transcend seasonal styles and reach the enduring levels of popularity we see today.

How to create a glowy bronze makeup look

In addition to a motif of warm tones and eye-catching shimmers, a glowy makeup look is synonymous with a dewy complexion. Therefore, it’s important keep the skin supple and hydrated by practicing healthy skincare habits that give makeup application a smooth, radiant base. You can also invest in products that amplify the skin’s natural glow, like a luminous foundation, a golden-toned bronzer and a warm-coloured blush. From primer all the way to setting spray, continue reading for a step-by-step tutorial to creating your very own bronzed, glowy makeup look.

Makeup for valentines day look

1. Nourish and prime

One of the key components of natural glow makeup is well-nourished skin, which starts with hydration. Ensure you have washed your face with a cleanser to remove impurities from the skin, then follow will any hydrating face serums. Rénergie H.C.F. Triple Serum is formulated with skin-softening and supportive ingredients like hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, and vitamin C to promote brightness. Once you have applied a velvety daily moisturiser like Génifique Day Cream (and SPF), your skin is ready for makeup primer. Absolue Perfecting Primer delivers lasting hydration and immediate iridescence while melting into the skin – the perfect base for your glowy makeup look.

2. Craft a luminous base

The second step in your glowy makeup routine is to apply foundation and, if you’re seeking targeted coverage, a hydrating concealer like Teint Idole Ultra Wear All Over Concealer. While the goal of foundation is to smooth out your complexion and even skin tone, you’ll want to avoid masking your natural luminosity. Teint Idole Ultra Wear Care & Glow Foundation is formulated with an 82% glow-boosting serum base and infused with hyaluronic acid, hydrating the skin and give it a 24-hour supercharged glow that catches the light naturally. For a flawless, radiant finish, apply your foundation using a damp beauty blender.

3. Add sun-kissed colour

Now that you’ve applied your foundation base, it’s time to add warmth and dimension to your features using a combination of highlighter, bronzer and blush. Applying a bronzer that complements your skin tone is an invaluable step in achieving your glowy bronze makeup look, so use your complexion and undertones to guide your choice of colour. Use a large fluffy makeup brush to apply bronzer, focusing on areas of the face that will benefit from ‘warming’: the forehead, temples, around the hairline, in the contours of the cheeks, and down the neck and into the décolletage. Ensure that you blend your bronzer well, softening any harsh edges for a natural-looking glow.

As for blush, feel free to experiment with richer, earthier blush shades than you might normally use – like a bronze neutral colour or a warm red – to add to your sun-kissed complexion. Take a bronze or golden-toned highlighter and apply a dusting to the tops of your cheekbones, cupid’s bow, the tip of your nose and beneath the brow bone.

4. Opt for warm-toned eyeshadows

While bronzed glowy makeup focuses on achieving a natural look, you can still complement this radiance with neutral shimmer tones and warm-coloured eyeshadows. Bronze, copper and gold shimmers are staple shades, but you may even find that rich browns, burnt orange and terracotta complement your skin and natural bronzed makeup. To keep your look subtle, you might consider opting for a single shade and covering the entire eyelid using the tip of your finger or softening lines with a fluffy crease brush. Find the ideal warm shades to craft your natural glow makeup in the Hypnôse Eyeshadow Palette.

5. Keep lashes and brows natural

As much as we love dramatic or glamourous eyes on a night out, a glowy, natural makeup look uses subdued colours to emphasise your innate features. Our eyeliner, mascara and eyebrow makeup should complement this more understated look. Save the sharpened brow for another night and embrace your natural brows. Use the Brôw Shaping Powdery Pencil to lightly shape your browns and fill in any sparse patches. When it comes to eyeliner for a bronzed makeup look, less is more. You might opt for a small wing or simply line your upper waterline. Sweep a coat of our most versatile mascara, Hypnôse Mascara, onto your lashes for instant volume and lash separation.

6. Set your look

The final step in your bronzed glowy makeup routine is to set your products with a powder that won’t mute your luminosity. We recommend dusting your glowy complexion with Absolue Essence-In-Powder. In addition to blurring imperfections, maintaining moisture in the skin, and extending the wear of makeup, this loose setting powder is blended with precious gold to enhance your resplendent glow.

Mascara for Valentine's Day Look

If you love natural glow makeup but feel like your skincare could use a luminous boost, explore our guide to achieving glowing skin.


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