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Growing your lashes can be a tricky affair. It can be difficult to know where to start, as well as what you should and shouldn’t do. Our lashes are one of the most elegant features of the face, serving to frame and define the eyes, provide contrast and highlight natural beauty. At Lancôme, we appreciate learning how to grow lashes can feel like a confusing yet delicate process. Below, you’ll discover everything you need to consider when growing long, thick lashes and designing an accompanying lash care regime.

Grow lashes with proper lash care

Common eyelash concerns

Before we delve into growing your lashes, we should first understand some typical eyelash issues people experience. Lash concerns can occur for a range of reasons, including how we’ve treated them and the skincare or makeup we use – or a simple case of genetics. Discovering what may be hindering lash growth is the first step in knowing how to help your lashes grow. Let’s explore the most common lash concerns:

Falling out or breaking: eyelashes can break when we’re too rough with our lashes. This can involve being too heavy handed with our makeup application, misusing an eye curler, or wearing and removing eyelash extensions. We may also break our eyelashes when itching or rubbing our eyes. When learning how to get your lashes to grow, the key is to remove or reduce any external processes that may be weakening lash strength beforehand.

Thinning: mascara over-application or sleeping in mascara is the main culprit here. Some lash thinning will be due to ageing, in the same way the hair on our scalp can thin with age.

It’s important to note that some eyelash concerns can be the result of health conditions. If your concerns don’t subside, always seek support from your healthcare professional.

Eye makeup tips

Decoding how to grow lashes

The growth, thickness and texture of our lashes can be influenced by a variety of factors. Caring for our eyes goes a long way in ensuring lash growth. Efficacious skincare paired with an attentive makeup routine will be the foundation for your lash growth – and time will do the rest. Read on to discover how to grow longer lashes.

Apply a gentle makeup remover

Cleansers remove impurities from the skin, lowering the chance of sensitisation around the eyes. Thorough facial cleansing involves makeup removal, followed by a second cleanse to ensure all residual makeup and build-up is removed.

Your lashes are delicate, so choose an eye makeup remover with a gentle yet effective formula. The Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover removes all traces of eye makeup, leaving no oily residue. It’s suitable for those with sensitive skin or contact lenses. Shake the bottle to active the formula and apply the cleansing solution to a cotton pad. Once the cotton pad turns blue, gently rest on your eyes for a few seconds and softly sweep down.

Clean makeup brushes

Regularly cleaning your makeup brushes removes product build-up and allows for a smoother sweep. Specifically, maintaining brushes used on the eye area will help grow your lashes, while keeping them lined, defined and fluffed as you desire. This includes your eyelash comb or spoolie and eyeshadow brushes. Implement a simple, weekly makeup cleaning routine that you find easy to stick to and be sure to dispose of expired eye makeup products.

Use eyelash curlers with caution

When you’re wondering how to grow lashes naturally, eyelash curlers can be an alluring option. Why? Because curling is a quick way to accentuate and highlight lashes. However, each curling action is chance for lash loss, which we are aiming to avoid when growing long lashes. Our primary suggestion is to cut back on or remove eyelash curling from your routine altogether.

If you’re going to use an eyelash curler, use it only before applying mascara. Mascara can stick to the lash curler, increasing the chance of breakage. Similarly to makeup brushes, clean your eyelash curler regularly and curl delicately.

Mascara Makeup

Apply lightweight mascara formulas

Wondering which mascara is best for your lashes? The thickness, darkness, and curl of our natural lashes are promoted by mascara. But not all mascara is the same – so look for light, efficacious formulas that still unveil full-bodied volume. To maximise lash promotion, start with a lash primer to enhance mascara colour. To help your lashes grow, a primer protects and allows for easy mascara application meaning you don’t have to apply multiple coats.

Cils Booster XL Lash Primer is enriched with XL Micro-Fibers that can enrich lash length, curve and thickness, and its formula is sensitive eye suitable. Apply the white mascara base in a zig zag motion for greater separation and lash volume. Once applied, let the formula dry before applying mascara.

Follow your primer with the Le 8 Hypnôse Mascara to accentuate elegance. Its revolutionary formula imparts 91% active black balm and 8 revitalising amino acids for stronger, voluminous lashes. The ultra-soft fibre brush ensures even, smooth, and luscious lashes. To apply mascara, use the 8-shaped side of the brush first, and the flat side for curling upwards.

Use volumising lash and eye serums

Eyelash serums deliver a range of benefits to grow lashes. They promote growth, provide lift and enhance volume. Superior lash serums will also condition and nourish your eyelashes, giving support if they’ve previously been damaged. When selecting a serum, prioritise formulas with potent ingredients such as keratin, amino acids and vitamin Cg. Keratin is a particularly popular and natural protein that acts as both a strengthening and enhancing agent – improving lash longevity and volume.

The Lash Revitalizing Serum repairs lash fibres, for stronger, denser and thicker lashes. With nourishing ingredients such as amino acids and keratin, the formula delivers an energised look while fortifying your lashes. Ensuring your eyes are clean first, use the applicator to apply the lash serum along the full length of eyelash line.

Our eyes are a delicate area, and in our journey to grow to long thick lashes, we need to care for and support the entire eye area. The skin around our eyes is fragile, meaning it’s more susceptible to signs or ageing such as lines and puffiness.

Use Advanced Génifique Light-Pearl Eye Serum to visibly reduce lines and eye bags, unveiling brighter, youthful-looking eyes. Massage the formula using the patented applicator to impart nutrients around the eye contour and lash line.

Your journey to strong elegant lashes has begun. If you want to delve deeper, read how to get thicker eyelashes with volumising mascara.

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